How To Slow Down A Video On iPhone: The Complete Guide

How To Slow Down A Video On iPhone

We’ve all been there – trying to learn a tough TikTok dance routine or analyzing sports replays, but the video is too fast!

Thankfully, there are great ways to slow down video playback on your iPhone. Whether you want to add dramatic effects or study fast-action clips, this guide covers beginner and advanced methods to control iPhone video speed.

Let’s dive in to master the art of variable-speed video!

MethodDifficultySpeed ControlKeep Audio?Requires Apps?
Trim VideoEasyNoYesNo
Record ScreenMediumNoYesNo
Other Video EditorsHardYesOptionalYes

Overview: How to Slow Down Videos on iPhone

Here are the primary options to slow the footage down on your iPhone:

  • Trim Video – The simplest way involves slicing slower sections and re-saving
  • Record Screen – Display video and screen record in real-time at a slower speed
  • iMovie – Built-in editor with speed adjustment tools
  • Other Video Editors – Third-party apps like Inshot & Kinemaster with more controls

The best approach depends on your needs:

  • Adjusting video pace slightly? Trim out faster segments.
  • Studying sports techniques? Record the screen as you play it slowly
  • Precision speed adjustments? Use iMovie or advanced editors.

Let’s explore each method in-depth to slow iPhone videos with precision and ease!

Trim Video Sections to Remove Faster Parts

Trim Video Sections to Remove Faster Parts

Trimming longer videos into shorter clips is a simple way to eliminate fast sections you want to slow down.

Here is how to trim and re-save iPhone videos at target durations:

Access Trim Setting

  • Open the Photos App and select your desired video
  • Tap the Edit button (upward arrow icon)
  • Select Trim at the bottom.

Set New Start/End Points

  • Use the handles on the trim bar to set a new, shorter start and end point.
  • Play the video trim preview to guide your adjustments
  • Stick to the sections you want in slower motion.

Export Trimmed Video

  • After setting the trim duration, tap Done.
  • Select Save as New Clip to export the trimmed section
  • Access the new trimmed video in your camera roll.

While simple, trimming videos removes footage that may not always be ideal. But works great for creating quick video highlights focused on important moments.

Onto advanced options!

Record iPhone Screen While Playing Video

Record iPhone Screen While Playing Video

Another easy technique is to screen-record yourself playing videos at a slower speed:

Access Control Center

  • Swipe down from the top right to launch Control Center.
  • Press and hold the Screen Record button

Record The Video

  • Play your desired video in the Photos app.
  • Use pause/scrub controls to advance more slowly
  • Pinch to zoom into clips if needed
  • Continue recording your iPhone screen interactions.

Save Screen Recording

  • Tap the red status bar indicator to stop recording.
  • Access the new recording in your Photos app
  • Re-save/trim if needed to isolate key sections

Screen recording may be a bit rough around the edges. But gives you real-time variable speed without complicated editing!

Adjust Playback Speed With iMovie

Adjust Playback Speed With iMovie

For advanced users, a video editor like Apple’s iMovie app allows full control over the playback rate.

Here is how to leverage iMovie tools on iPhone for precision slow motion:

Import Video

  • Launch the iMovie app.
  • Tap the Create New Project Plus icon.
  • Select your video from the media browser
  • Drag the clip onto the project timeline.

Adjust Speed

  • Tap the clip on the timeline to expand the inspector.
  • Choose Speed and select a slower value like 50% or 25%

Export Changes

  • Tap the Share button in the top right.
  • For lossless quality, export using “File.”
  • Find the exported clip in your Photos app.

While requiring an app download, iMovie gives accurate slow-motion effects to emphasize dramatic moments!

Consider Other Advanced Video Editors

For even more control over video speed effects, consider advanced mobile editors like:

  • Inshot – Intuitive speed slider with 0.1x precision control
  • Kinemaster – Speed envelope graph for deep tempo adjustments
  • Adobe Premiere Rush – Professional-grade tools tailored for mobile

Invest time learning these apps to master slowing iPhone videos truly!

6 Handy Tips for Changing Video Speeds

Handy Tips for Changing Video Speeds

Implement these pro video editing tips when adjusting iPhone video playback rates:

  • Maintain a 16:9 aspect ratio when cropping or zooming stabilized footage.
  • Use tripods and stabilization tools to prevent shaky altered-speed clips
  • Re-adjust audio levels after slowing down footage to balance the sound mix
  • Add transitions between clips at different speeds to emphasize shifts
  • Colour grade slowed down clips with moody filters like black and white.
  • Mask zoom effects use the iPhone’s built-in pan and scan to draw the viewer’s attention.

Final Takeaways on Slowing iPhone Videos

Mastering video speed adjustment unlocks new creative possibilities! Recap of key pointers:

  • Trim clips to remove faster segments
  • Screen record app playback at slower speeds
  • Use iMovie to control video pace precisely
  • Try advanced editors like Inshot for more effects.
  • Mindful editing keeps slowed-down videos engaging.

So whether you’re analyzing sports techniques or making cool slow-motion videos, you have the toolkit to control iPhone video tempo easily!

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