Best Video Editing Free Software For Windows 11

Best Video Editing Software

While there are a number of ways to create and edit videos these days, a professional video editor is still an important asset to have on your team. With a video editor, you can ensure that your videos are well put together, polished, and professional looking. This can be the difference between a successful video campaign and one that falls flat. There are many great video editing software programs available for Windows 11, and the best one for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a powerful and professional video editor then we have brought you in this article the best software.

Clipchamp Video Editing Software

For Windows 11 users, you can download the Clip Champ app from the Microsoft Store today. Also known as the Windows App Store, this app store is a great place to find new apps and games for your Windows 11 device.

Today the newly added Clip Champ Video Editor application has been updated with the latest Windows 11 preview build update. Well, many of you probably already know about Clip Champ. This is a very famous app that is good at making video editing very easy.

The first time you launch the app, you’ll need to sign in, so you’ll need an account (preferably a Microsoft account) to sign in to use the app. If you’ve already given Clip Champ some of your data to get the basic functionality of this application.

Clip Champ Video Editing Software
Image Credit ClipChamp

The good thing is that before you dive into the actual app, they ask you what kind of person you are from a creative point of view, like if you want to make educational material or just make a video for fun. Select an option What kind of content creator are you?

You should choose the best option for yourself. This is the main interface. Honestly, there are so many elements and so many options that it can be a bit confusing for beginners. I think this is very cool as we are moving towards better integration with all file-sharing platforms and devices. So you don`t have to get lost in file searches after looking for videos.

Video Credit ClipChamp

You can apply filters right away and play with colors, but the speed category is a bit lacking. A few options here and move on to the audio part.

Of course, you can adjust the volume and separate the audio from the video. This is a really cool trick if you want to play the audio separately and do something really creative with it, except that there are options on the right side of this application to customize different aspects. Ratio, this is for different platforms and purposes, which is also very cool, but of course in the end. You can also add music and sound effects directly from your Clip Champ library, or even insert videos between videos.

Some are free, others are included in the pro version of this application. The big upgrade button is already there, so click it to see what’s really going on. Yes, the free version can only export 480p. So even if you’re shooting in 4k or some other high resolution, you’ll only get 480p in the free version.

The clip champ on it next level stuff from windows movie maker which mind you had 1080p export for free, those cool features and all those endless possibilities collapsed into a pixel dimension of freedom. do that we actually have with this so-called video app feature for Windows.

clip champ
Image Credit ClipChamp

Advanced Effects

You can add transitions simply by dragging one of the 20 good-looking options between two clips. This makes it quick and easy to add transitions between clips, and you can preview the results before applying them.

30 Filters, offers a range of looks for your photos, from Muted and Gloomy to Euphoric and Disco. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect filter for your next photo. Whether you’re looking to add a bit of moodiness to your shots or want to go for something more playful, 30 Filters has you covered.

  • Smooth interface.
  • Large selection of templates.
  • Sleek impacts and changes.
  • Great text along with soundtrack choice.
  • Templates are often brief and do not identify the sort of recording.
  • The majority of stock content necessitates a subscription.
  • Limited capacity for effect control.
  • Not as enjoyable as the video editing tools in Microsoft Photos.
  • Exports render slowly.

Get Clip Champ Video Editing Software

VideoProc Vlogger

Video Proc Vlogger is the best video editing software for Windows and Mac OS that is completely free to use. The tools and effects compatible with the highest video standards up to 4k resolution are very impressive, making it the best tool for influencers, bloggers, and online teachers.

videoproc-vlogger 1
Image Credit VideoProc Vlogger

We’ll see what you’re looking forward to visualizing color correction including speed ramps, motion effects, color grading, and 3D LUT audio editing, and drop into my application open video proc vlogger increase. You are in front of the project window.

Review of VideoProc Vlogger

An automatic analysis begins to gather all of your CPU and GPU statistics as you install the video processing software. With the use of this data, video processing encoding and decoding profiles may be optimized quickly. This guarantees that your machine can process video files at the fastest processing speeds and the greatest quality levels.

You can now start working on your first project by typing the name of the target folder. video frame rate and resolution. You may also rapidly open an existing project on top of your video, import video, image, and sound files by clicking the plus button on the left, or just drag and drop your material into Video Proc to complete this. It greatly simplifies filing. can be dragged and dropped from the media library onto the timeline.

You have complete control over these clips thanks to video proc Vlogger. Any clip can be moved by dragging it, and you can lengthen or shorten it by doing so. You can also use the tools mentioned above to perform more complex editing. Utilizing Extractor, extract audio from video and audio tracks.

videoproc-vlogger 1
Image Credit VideoProc Vlogger

Additionally, you can click on speed to launch the speed editor in place of other editors and Lightworks. the feature enables you to adjust the clip’s speed as desired. Choose any ready pattern at the top, such as constant to apply constant speed at both normal and double speed or speed. Once the waveform is defined, you may utilize the timeline to adjust it to your preferences. You can also select more complex waveforms like linear ramps with notch and others. By capturing the particular speed you can observe from the left and the clip frame moment, each contour point serves as a representation of a keyframe.

Time Line of VideoProc Vlogger

The timeline for the video and audio tracks in the clip can be started by clicking Record to begin recording with your microphone, but you can also use the appropriate icons at the bottom to navigate the timeline much like it was professionally constructed with video and audio tracks. The visibility of the tracks is also influenced by their arrangement. The video preview displays the project running at the time the red playhead is positioned, thanks to exceptional hardware acceleration, just like a professional paid video editor. All clips placed on the overlay track will appear before all main clips on the main video track.

videoproc-vlogger 1
Image Credit VideoProc Vlogger

Everything you need to edit these clips is included in Right Video Processor Vlogger, including settings and functionality usually seen in more expensive software. You can crop and configure the direction of a visual clip after you’ve chosen it, as well as apply color correction and 3D Lut color correction to change the brightness, contrast, and shadows.

Additionally, you may switch to HSL to modify the brightness and saturation of each color range or to a vignette to add a lovely vignette effect with blending and shifting. Insert fade-ins and fade-outs to reveal or obscure clips. To rotate, scale, and position your clips as well as the audio and its waveforms if necessary, use transforms. – To process your speech, you can also change the language on the left side of the voice editor.

VideoProc Vlogger Templates

Purchase several templates to improve your video during transitions. A few visual transitions are available to drag & drop onto the primary video clip bearing the title. If you want your text to appear on a flat black background, add a nice text template, or if you want your text to appear before the rest of your video material, add subtitles and titles and put them in a dedicated subtitle track.

Each paragraph of text has its own text clip, which you can edit on the right. You can modify the text in a special interface by choosing the appropriate line, clicking Edit Text, and changing the font style and size of the text. Alignment and Content Choose a text color. Any gradient can be used.

  • Friendly User Interface
  • A New Approach for Social Sharing
  • Use Is Free
  • Excellent For All Users
  • Streamline Editing Process
  • Numerous features
  • Uncluttered but user-friendly UI
  • large selection of presets
  • practically everything has a tutorial.
  • Free of charge video editing programme
  • A little slow in rendering
  • Lacking some cutting-edge features

Get VideoProc Vlogger Editing Software

OpenShot Video Editing

Image Credit OpenShot

OpenShot is an open-source video editing software that is freely available to anyone. This makes it an ideal choice for those who are just getting started with video editing, as it is easy to use and learn. Additionally, OpenShot is constantly being updated and improved by its community of users, so you can be confident that you are always getting the latest and greatest features.

OpenShot is powerful, yet easy-to-use, video editor that enables users to create professional-looking videos with very little effort. It is packed with features that allow users to edit their videos in a variety of ways, including adding titles, transitions, and effects. OpenShot also supports a wide range of video and audio formats, making it a versatile tool for both amateur and professional video editors. Overall, OpenShot is an excellent video editing tool that is well worth checking out.

OpenShot Interface
Image Credit OpenShot

The OpenShot video editing interface is quite clear and straightforward with lots of icons. The interface is designed in such a way that even a novice user can easily understand and use it. The icons are big and easily visible, and the overall layout is very intuitive. Even the most complex functions are easy to find and use. This makes OpenShot an excellent choice for anyone who wants to edit videos, regardless of their experience level.

OpenShot Video Editing Software provides a variety of options and tools that are practical as you advance in your video editing career. The software is easy to use and understand, and the interface is intuitive and straightforward. You can quickly and easily edit video files with OpenShot, and the software supports a wide range of video formats. As you become more experienced with video editing, you can take advantage of the more advanced features in OpenShot, such as keyframing, timeline editing, and green screen effects. With OpenShot, you have everything you need to create professional-quality videos.

OpenShot Inteface
Image Credit OpenShot

OpenShot is a great video editing program for those who do not need many visual effects or detailed editing. It is simple to use and has a wide range of features, making it a great option for those who want to create simple videos.

OpenShot Features

  • Cross-platform assistance
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Unlimited layers and tracks
  • Simple video trimming, cutting, and resizing
  • 20 or more 3D animations
  • The effective keyframe animation framework
  •  40+ titles in vector
  • A totally open-source video editor
  • Its drag-and-drop functionality.
  • A sizable collection of animated titles.
  • Unlimited layers for watermarks, audio tracks.
  • Supports 3-D animations and has key-frame animation skills.
  • Blue screen/green screen digital video effects.
  • Vertical video editing can be challenging.
  • The stability of the application has problems.
  • When the user is not making extensive adjustments, it frequently crashes.
  • Templates are not adaptable.
  • No free image library is offered.
  • On a project, team members cannot be added.
  • Pay-as-you-go cloud storage model.

Get OpenShot Video Editing Software

Shotcut Video Editing Software

Shotcut is an open-source and cross-stage video-altering programming that is accessible for nothing. It is one of the most popular video editing software among YouTubers and amateur video editors. Shotcut has a simple and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to edit videos. It supports a wide range of video formats and has a built-in video player that lets you preview your edited videos. Shotcut also has a wide range of features, including video filters, transitions, and effects.

shotcut video editing
Image Credit Shotcut

It is a profoundly strong piece of video-altering programming that offers a great many highlights and devices to its clients. It is one of the most popular video editing software programs on the market and has been downloaded over 10 million times. Shotcut is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and is completely free to download and use.

It has a very user-friendly interface and is suitable for both beginners and experienced video editors. It offers a wide range of features, including video trimming, video cropping, video splitting, video merging, video rotation, and much more. Shotcut also supports a wide range of video and audio formats, making it a very versatile piece of software.

Shotcut video-altering programming has an instinctive connection point that permits you to move resources into your venture. This makes it easy to add pictures, videos, and audio files to your project. You can also use Shotcut to edit your existing video files.

shotcut video editing 1
Image Credit Shotcut

Shotcut comes with a simple yet intuitive interface that makes it easy to edit your videos. The interface is designed so that all the tools you need are easily accessible, and you can quickly preview your changes before applying them. Shotcut also supports a wide range of video formats, so you can easily import and export your videos.

  • Accessible on Linux, Mac, and Windows.
  • Totally open-source programming, permitting you to utilize the usefulness free of charge.
  • It offers a wide assortment of filters and impacts.
  • Includes a number of tutorials.
  • No charge to use.
  • Has a user-friendly interface.
  • Delivers extensive editing features.
  • A significant number of its highlights are challenging for non-Linux clients to comprehend.
  • Minor workflow concerns with managing clips and tracks.
  • There are no pre-made templates.
  • A small, free sound effects library of 280 or more.
  • Customer service is solely available online. Does not permit animations,
  • Does not include add-on plugins

Get Shotcut Video Editing Software

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