Best Video Editing Free Software For Windows 11

Best Video Editing Software

Video editing has become an essential skill for content creators, bloggers, students, and anyone who wants to share high-quality videos online. With the right editing tools, you can turn raw footage into a polished masterpiece. Fortunately, there are many great free options available for Windows 11 users.

This guide will examine the top free video editing software for Windows 11 to help you find the perfect fit for your projects and skill level. We’ll cover both basic entry-level editors as well as more advanced options with special effects, color correction, and detailed timeline editing.

Comparison of the Best Free Video Editors for Windows 11

SoftwareBest ForKey FeaturesLearning Curve
ClipchampBeginners, online collaborationIntuitive interface, stock media library, 4K supportLow
ShotcutAdvanced users, precise editingMulti-track timeline, audio filters, detailed export optionsModerate
OpenShotYouTubers, simple editingAnimated titles, Chroma Key, real-time previewsLow
VideoProc VloggerVlogging, applying filtersFacial recognition, filters, overlays, sharing to social mediaLow


Clipchamp is one of the most user-friendly video editors available, ideal for beginners getting started with video editing. It has an intuitive drag and drop interface that makes trimming clips, adding transitions, and building a video timeline simple.

Clip Champ Video Editing Software
Image Credit ClipChamp

Clipchamp’s extensive stock media library can save you time searching for music, video clips, and images. Simply browse the Clipchamp assets and drag them into your timeline. The built-in titles and animations are also great for sprucing up your video projects.

Other handy features include 4K video support, the ability to record your screen or webcam directly in Clipchamp, and collaboration tools that allow multiple people to work on the same project. You can even export your final video directly to YouTube or Vimeo.

The free version of Clipchamp allows exporting up to 1080p and offers 2GB of cloud storage. Their premium subscriptions provide additional storage, 4K exporting, faster render times, and more effects.

Video Credit ClipChamp

Key Features:

  • Intuitive drag and drop interface
  • Stock media library with over 1 million assets
  • Animated titles and transitions
  • Record webcam and screen
  • 4K video support
  • Online collaboration
  • Direct publishing to YouTube


Shotcut is an open-source video editor with an impressive range of advanced editing tools. It has a steeper learning curve than options like Clipchamp but provides precise timeline-based editing suitable for experienced users.

shotcut video editing
Image Credit Shotcut

Shotcut stands out for its multi-track timeline allowing control over layered video, audio, and image tracks. You can apply filters, add keyframes for opacity or other effects, and deeply customize your edit. The wide range of audio and video filters helps you achieve specific effects and corrections.

Shotcut supports 4K resolution as well as a wide range of codecs and formats. You have significant control over the export settings including codec, resolution, frame rate, bitrate and more. The timeline-based approach also makes it easy to export only a portion of the full video.

shotcut video editing 1
Image Credit Shotcut

Although Shotcut lacks built-in screen recording or stock media libraries, its advanced set of features make it a top free choice for video power users. The open-source development also means it’s constantly improving with new options added in frequent updates.

Key Features:

  • Multi-track timeline editing
  • Audio and video filters
  • 4K resolution support
  • Detailed export settings control
  • Range of codecs and formats
  • Open-source development


OpenShot targets a middle ground between the easy interface of Clipchamp and advanced capabilities of Shotcut. It provides features useful for basic editing while remaining simple enough for beginners to learn.

Image Credit OpenShot

The drag and drop timeline provides easy video and audio editing. You can split and trim clips quickly. OpenShot makes it easy to layer and arrange tracks to achieve the desired order and emphasis.

Handy options like animated titles, 3D animations, and Chroma Key (green screen) give your videos a professional style. Real-time previews make it quick to experiment and see how adjustments help. The timeline editor even allows dragging operations like scaling and rotation.

OpenShot Interface
Image Credit OpenShot

Advanced users can dive into compositing, video stabilization, and more powerful functions. But the intuitive interface still makes OpenShot straightforward to get started with as a beginner. Exporting final videos up to 4K resolution is quick and easy.

Key Features:

  • Animated titles and transitions
  • Real-time previews
  • Chroma Key (green screen)
  • Video compositing and stabilization
  • Support for 4K resolution
  • Intuitive drag and drop timeline

VideoProc Vlogger

VideoProc Vlogger provides a lightweight video editor optimized specifically for vlogging and social media videos. The streamlined interface makes common editing tasks fast and easy.

videoproc-vlogger 1
Image Credit VideoProc Vlogger

You can quickly apply filters, overlays, subtitles, stickers, and simple transitions tailored for social media. The facial recognition feature lets you easily blur faces. The free music library offers great background options.

While Vlogger lacks the deep timeline editing of advanced software, its speed and simplicity are ideal for quick daily vlogging. You can edit footage, add effects, and export videos seamlessly. The software is also highly optimized for exporting videos tailored for each social media platform.

Vlogger works as both a standalone desktop app and a mobile editor. This flexibility makes filming and editing on the go easy. The mobile apps even provide advanced camera controls to capture high-quality footage from your smartphone.

videoproc-vlogger 1
Image Credit VideoProc Vlogger

Key Features:

  • Filters, overlays, stickers for social media
  • Facial recognition to blur faces
  • Music library with free tracks
  • Export presets optimized for different platforms
  • Mobile apps for filming and editing on smartphones

What to Look for in Free Video Editing Software

Available tracks and layers

The number of tracks or layers supported will determine how much control you have arranging clips and elements independently over the video timeline. At minimum, look for overlay tracks for video, audio, and titles. Multi-track editing makes complex arrangement easier.

Supported file formats

Nearly all free video editors support common formats like MP4, MOV, and AVI. But check for less common types like MKV or AVCHD if you need to work with footage from certain cameras or devices. Comprehensive format support ensures compatibility with your files.

Export options and quality

Pay attention to the maximum export resolution, frame rates, and bitrates offered. Advanced programs will allow full control over compression, codecs, and other export settings. Low resource use during export can help speed up rendering to finalize projects sooner.

Special effects

Consider built-in effects like Chroma Key (for green screen work), stabilization, filters, overlays, and transitions when evaluating editors. Built-in options save time digging through plug-ins and presets. But also look for extensibility if you want to expand with more advanced special effects later.

Supported platforms

Many beginning users prioritize Mac and Windows support. But also check for Linux and Chromebook support if those apply. Mobile apps can also be beneficial for filming and reviewing footage on phones and tablets. Cross-platform access provides flexibility to edit on whatever device you choose.

FAQ About Free Video Editors

Can I really get good video editing software for free?

Absolutely! Options like OpenShot, Shotcut, and Clipchamp provide features rivaling paid editors just a few years ago. While advanced users might eventually outgrow them, these free tools are more than enough for most casual users’ needs.

What are the downsides to free vs paid video editors?

Most free video editors lack extensive libraries of stock content, templates, and special effect presets. They also tend to have lower maximum export resolution and fewer codec options. But for typical HD or 4K projects, the free options provide what most users need.

What are the computer requirements for free video editing programs?

Most free editing programs have modest system requirements suitable for even older Windows PCs and laptops. However, factors like high resolution source footage, complex timelines, and advanced effects can require more RAM, faster processors, and discrete graphics.

Can I edit GoPro or action cam footage with free software?

Absolutely! Programs like OpenShot, Shotcut, and VideoProc Vlogger all support importing and editing GoPro MAX and HERO footage. The advanced settings in some even allow fine-tuning the export for action cam formats. Adding effects and editing this footage is easy.

Is there free video editing software for Chromebooks?

Chromebooks have more limited options, but Vlogger and Clipchamp both offer Chromebook support. For basic trimming, filters, and music, these deliver solid performance even on Chromebooks.

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