How to Unlock Verizon APN Settings – A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Unlock Verizon APN Setting


Changing your APN settings can help improve your Verizon mobile data connection. APN stands for Access Point Name and allows your phone to connect to the Verizon network. Unlocking these settings gives you more control and can help optimize your mobile data speeds.

Follow this comprehensive guide to learn how to view your current Verizon APN settings, why you may need to change them, and step-by-step instructions to unlock and modify APN settings on Android and iOS devices.

An Overview of Verizon APN Settings

These default Verizon APN settings are pre-loaded on most Verizon phones and should allow normal usage. However, changing the APN can provide benefits in some situations:

  • Improve slow Verizon mobile data speeds
  • Fix problems sending/receiving MMS messages
  • Resolve issues if data stops working after a software update
  • Enable tethering or using your phone as a mobile hotspot
  • Access Verizon 5G network (requires specific APN settings)
  • Optimize data when traveling abroad

Now, let’s look at how to view your current APN settings and step-by-step instructions to change them on both iPhone and Android devices.

View Current APN Settings on Your Verizon Phone

The first step is to view your phone’s active APN settings. This will show the default values Verizon sets so you know what needs to be changed.

Here’s how to check current APN settings:

On iPhone:

On iPhone:How to Unlock Verizon APN Settings - A Step-by-Step Guide
  1. Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network
  2. Tap on your Verizon account under “Cellular Plans.”
  3. Scroll down to see the current APN details

On Android:

AndroidHow to Unlock Verizon APN Settings - A Step-by-Step Guide
  1. Open the Settings app and go to Connections > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names
  2. Tap on the Verizon APN profile (usually “VZWINTERNET”)
  3. Review the name, server, MMSC, and other info

Take note of the existing APN name, APN server address, and MMSC URL. You must enter these same settings when creating a new APN profile.

Look at the steps to change and unlock Verizon APN settings on both operating systems.

How to Unlock and Change Verizon APN Settings on iPhone

Here are step-by-step instructions to modify or add new APN settings on any iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network
  2. Tap on your Verizon account. If you don’t see it, tap “Add Cellular Plan.”
  3. Scroll down and tap “APN Settings” near the bottom
  4. Tap the + icon to add a new APN profile
  5. Enter the desired APN name (like VZWINTERNET)
  6. Enter the APN server address (such as VZWSTATIC or VZWIMS)
  7. Enter the MMSC URL ( ↗)
  8. Scroll down and toggle on LTE, 4G, 3G, 2G and Cellular Data
  9. Tap Save in the top right corner
  10. Make sure the new APN is selected by tapping on your Verizon account > Cellular Data Network > tap the new APN at the top

And that’s it; your new unlocked APN profile is now active on your iPhone!

You may need to turn cellular data Off and then On again or reboot your iPhone to apply the new APN settings fully.

To delete an APN, swipe left on the APN entry and tap Delete. Always keep the original Verizon APN as a backup.

Step-by-Step Guide to Change Verizon APN on Android

Here are the steps to add, modify, or delete APN settings on any Verizon Android device:

  1. Launch the Settings app
  2. Tap Connections > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names
  3. Tap the + icon to add a new APN or tap the existing Verizon APN to modify it
  4. Enter the APN name (like VZWINTERNET)
  5. Enter the APN server address (such as VZWSTATIC or VZWIMS)
  6. Enter the MMSC URL ( ↗)
  7. Scroll down and toggle Protocol to IPv4/IPv6
  8. Tap Save near the top
  9. Press your phone’s Home button
  10. Go back to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks
  11. Tap Access Point Names
  12. Tap the new APN at the top to activate it

Like the iPhone, you may need to turn your Android phone’s cellular data off and back on or reboot to apply the unlocked APN settings.

To delete an APN on Android, tap the overflow menu icon next to the APN and choose Delete. Keep the original Verizon APN profile as a backup.

And that’s all there is to it! You now know how to view your default Verizon APN settings, unlock them and create new APN profiles on iPhone and Android.

Key Reasons to Change Your Verizon APN Profile

Here are some of the main benefits and situations when changing the APN settings can help:

  • Improve slow data speeds: If you are getting slow Verizon 4G LTE speeds, try using alternate APN server addresses like VZWSTATIC or VZWIMS.
  • Fix MMS issues: Cannot send or receive MMS messages? Make sure the MMSC URL is set correctly in your APN profile.
  • Regain data if stopped working: If mobile data stops working suddenly, create a new APN to regain connectivity.
  • Enable mobile hotspot: To use your phone’s hotspot may require a specific APN profile.
  • Access Verizon 5G network: Verizon 5G requires the ENHANCEDPHONE APN to work on supported phones.
  • Optimize when roaming: Use a specific APN when traveling internationally for faster speeds.
  • Bypass throttling or restrictions: Some modified APNs can bypass throttling or hotspot restrictions imposed by Verizon.

Always reset your APN settings back to default when troubleshooting. Only use custom APNs recommended by legitimate sources.

Remember to restart your phone or toggle cellular data off and back on after making APN changes. This forces your device to re-register with the modified APN profile.

Troubleshooting Data and MMS Issues

If you followed the steps to add Verizon’s APN settings but are still having trouble with data, picture messaging or other Verizon cellular services, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Reset network settings – Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This will clear out any problematic configurations.
  • Contact Verizon support – They can help troubleshoot connectivity issues and provision your device correctly on their network.
  • Try a different SIM card – A new or recently activated Verizon SIM may provide better connectivity.
  • Toggle airplane mode on/off – Disable and re-enable mobile networks to force re-registration on the network.
  • Update carrier settings – On iPhone, go to Settings > General > About and tap Update Carrier Settings if available.
  • Factory reset device – As a last resort, wipe your device to factory defaults and reconfigure Verizon APN from scratch.
  • Use a mobile hotspot – Use a Verizon Jetpack or smartphone hotspot to determine if the issues are device-specific.

Persisting data or MMS problems after updating APN settings usually indicate an issue with your SIM card or Verizon account provisioning. Don’t hesitate to contact Verizon support; they can check your account status and send a new SIM if needed.

In Summary

Unlocking and editing APN settings can help optimize your device’s connectivity on the Verizon wireless network. While most Verizon phones come pre-configured, you may need to manually enter Verizon’s default APN details if you face data or MMS issues.

You can directly add and modify APN profiles in the Settings app on Android devices. For iPhones, use a Verizon APN profile to overwrite the existing settings. Just be sure to disable any old

Frequently Asked Questions about Verizon APN Settings

Here are answers to some common questions about unlocking and modifying Verizon APN settings:

Does changing the APN void your warranty?

No, simply editing APN settings does not void your Verizon warranty or service agreement. However, take care only to use reputable APN profiles.

Do I lose Verizon service if I use a custom APN?

You will not lose service. Remember to keep the original Verizon APN as a backup if issues arise.

Which APN is best for faster speeds?

Try the VZWSTATIC or VZWIMS server addresses if your current APN gives slow speeds on Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

How do I create a Verizon APN for mobile hotspot usage?

Add an APN named “VZWINTERNET” with server address “VZWSTATIC” to allow the use of your Verizon phone as a WiFi hotspot.

Why does my Verizon data stop working suddenly?

If mobile data stops without reason, create a new APN profile to regain connectivity. Toggle cellular data and reboot to force re-registration.

How do I get MMS working if SMS works fine?

Ensure the MMSC URL is set correctly in your Verizon APN profile. The address should be ↗

Do I need to root my Android device to change APN settings?

No root required! All Verizon Android devices allow adding, modifying, and deleting AP

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