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Best AI Apps For iPhone

AI Transforms the World.

Artificial intelligence is transforming how we interact with our phones. Apple’s powerful chips enable advanced AI capabilities right on the iPhone. These are the most useful and innovative AI apps to enhance productivity, creativity, health and more with just a tap.

Overview of AI Apps for iPhone

AI apps tap into machine learning and natural language processing to deliver intelligent experiences previously impossible on phones. Here are some standout abilities:

  • Having natural conversations with chatbots
  • Automatically transcribing meetings and calls
  • Identifying plants, animals, and objects just by pointing your camera
  • Immersive creative tools using AI image generation
  • Personalized health insights by analyzing biometric data
  • Background noise cancellation for clearer audio
  • Intelligent assistants to automate tedious tasks

Apple’s tight integration of hardware and software allows these AI apps to run quickly and smoothly, even on iPhones without connectivity. Many are completely free as well.

Top AI Assistant Apps

Top AI Assistant AppsBest AI Apps For iPhone

AI assistants optimize your tasks and workflows. – Automatically generates transcriptions of meetings, lectures, interviews and discussions with impressive accuracy. Enables easier note-taking and collaboration.

Cleo – Acts as a personal AI assistant to automate mundane tasks. Schedule meetings set reminders, send birthday cards and more just by asking Cleo.

Tempo – Calendar app powered by AI to automatically schedule meetings and tasks based on your preferences and priorities. Frees up time spent coordinating schedules.

Zapier – Connect and automate workflows between apps through AI-powered bots. Helps boost productivity by streamlining repetitive processes.

Uncommon – Personal productivity coach that provides data-driven insights on how to manage time better, energy and focus each day. Uses AI to optimize daily routines.

Top Creative AI Apps

Top Creative AI Apps

AI brings creative superpowers right to your fingertips.

Wombo – Generates unique AI artworks from text prompts with different art styles, from abstract to realistic portraits. It’s a fun way to brainstorm creative directions.

Dream by WOMBO – Convert selfies or photos into animated music videos automatically with this whimsical app. Choose from dozens of artistic styles.

Sooho – Community of amateur writers and AI chatbots collaborating on stories together. Browse interesting story threads, or start your own.

Amper Music – Co-create original music tracks using AI-generated loops and samples. Drag and drop sounds into the timeline to assemble full songs.

Mubert – Streams infinite customizable AI-generated background music for your videos, podcasts, games and other projects. Specify mood, genres and instruments.

Top Educational AI Apps

Top Educational AI Apps

Harness AI to learn anything faster.

Socratic – Snap a photo of homework questions across math, science, history and other subjects to get instant explanations from the AI tutor.

Brainly – Stuck on an assignment? Ask questions and get explanations from the Brainly community tutored by AI to improve responses.

Duolingo – Fun and effective app for learning languages. AI helps personalize lessons and provide real-time feedback on pronunciation.

QuillBot – Paraphrase tool that uses AI to rewrite text while maintaining the original meaning. Great for improving essays or expanding vocabulary.

Mathbot – Instant answers to complex math problems explained step-by-step. Uses AI and optical character recognition to analyze problems.

Top Health & Fitness AI Apps

Top Health & Fitness AI Apps

AI helps unlock your peak physical and mental health.

Replika – Chatbot friend trained by AI to have natural conversations and provide emotional support without judgment. Helps reduce stress and loneliness.

** Lark** – 24/7 AI health coach tailors evidence-based guidance and motivation to help you sleep better, manage weight, control diabetes and more based on your data.

MyFitnessPal – Popular calorie counter and diet tracker infused with AI to provide insights on nutrition trends in your data and forecast outcomes.

Pillow – Sleep tracker that harnesses AI to analyze snoring, talking and other sleep disturbances to generate personalized advice for better rest.

Ask Nutrition – Get science-backed answers to nutrition questions from a virtual dietician powered by AI. Learn how different foods impact your health.

AI Camera & Recognition Apps

AI Camera & Recognition Apps

Put visual AI powers right in your viewfinder.

CamScanner – AI-powered document scanner with smart cropping, live edge detection, perspective correction and filters.

Hyperlapse – Stabilizes first-person videos using AI to achieve smooth timelapse-like footage without a gimbal.

Seeing AI – Identifies scenes, text, objects, and people to provide visual descriptions and guidance for blind and low-vision users.

NeuralCam NightMode – Low light photo mode that uses AI to capture multiple exposures and intelligently fuse them for bright, vivid images in the dark.

Donut Dog – Fun AI pet photo filter app that generates hilarious pictures of your dog or cat with a donut on its head.

AI Communication Apps

AI Communication Apps

Communicate naturally through the power of AI.

Otter Assistant – Live transcription and summarization of meetings and conversations. AI generates rich notes and action items. Integrates across work apps.

Alto’s Odyssey – AI writing assistant checks grammar, tone, clarity and structure of emails, documents and messages. Helps improve writing.

Dictation by Rev – Offline dictation app powered by AI for turning speech into text. Works without internet. Used by journalists and media creators.

Caption – Automatically capture phone and video calls in real-time. Also generates live transcriptions of audio messages and recordings.

Decompress – The leading meditation app uses AI and biometric feedback to personalize guided meditation content to each user’s state and needs.

Shopping with AI Apps

Shopping with AI Apps

AI makes shopping smarter, faster and simpler.

Foy – Personal styling app that uses AI to get to know your fashion tastes and size preferences. Recommends clothes you’ll love from top brands.

Igloo – Organized Grocery List – Intelligent grocery list that helps meal plan, build smarter shopping lists and reduce food waste powered by AI.

ASOS – Fashion retailers app uses AI to recommend the latest styles personalized to your taste based on product views, purchases and reviews.

Ulta – The makeup retailer app employs AI to digitally try products like eyeshadow, lipstick, and foundation shades on photos of yourself.

eBay – Marketplace app applies AI to showcase deals on sought-after inventory tailored to your interests and notify you of price drops.

AI Entertainment Apps

AI Entertainment Apps

AI enhances movies, music, games, and more.

Laughly – Standup comedy app leverages AI to curate playlists matched to your sense of humour from top comedians.

LucyDream Camera – Adds stunning AI visual effects like snow, rainbows or fireworks to photos in real time. A fun way to augment reality.

Musi – Generates unlimited instrumental backing tracks for jamming and practising based on songs you pick. Uses AI-powered generative music.

Mubert – Streams endless customizable, royalty-free AI-generated background music of any genre, mood and intensity.

Reface – Goes viral by using AI to swap your face into iconic movie and celebrity scenes, GIFs and images.

Key Tips for Using AI Apps on iPhone

Here are some best practices to get the most out of AI apps:

  • Stay updated as developers frequently improve AI models powering apps. Sign up for beta tests of new features.
  • Enable auto-update of apps to benefit from continuous AI enhancement over time.
  • Permit apps to access photos, location, microphone, etc., to power AI capabilities. But limit or disable access when not actively using the app.
  • Be patient – complex behind-the-scenes AI processing requires more time than typical apps. Please wait for it.
  • Connect apps to cloud services like iCloud or Google Drive if they offer it to sync your data across devices.
  • Check out each app’s privacy policy to understand how your data is handled.
  • Provide constructive feedback to app developers on AI quirks, errors or suggestions. This helps improve quality.

Leverage these tips to maximize productivity, creativity and fun using today’s most innovative AI apps on iPhone! The list will only grow over time.


In conclusion, the AI-powered apps mentioned in this article are some of the best available on the App Store for the iPhone. From virtual assistants to photo editors to health and fitness apps, these tools can help us in a variety of ways. Whether you want to save time, be more creative, or improve your health, there is an AI-powered app that can help you achieve your goals. So why not give them a try and see how they can improve your life?

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