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Dell EMC Cyber Recovery: Your Shield Against Cyber Attacks

In an era where data is at the core of any successful enterprise, it’s critical to safeguard it from threats that can spell financial ruin for an organization. While traditional methods focus on protecting data from hardware failures or natural disasters, today’s digital landscape demands robust protection against the relentless cyber threats that are increasingly sophisticated (Dell Cyber Vault Solution)

The solution? Dell EMC Cyber Recovery is an innovative management and automation software solution designed to protect organizations from potentially devastating cyber-attacks.

The Pivotal Role of Dell EMC Cyber Recovery

Company Decided to test this solution in our own data center, setting up servers and storage within a Dell EMC Cyber Recovery Vault. Following an initiated attack on our test data, they found that the Cyber Recovery solution equipped with CyberSense could efficiently detect the cyber attack, alert, and report its findings.

Dell Cyber Vault SolutionThe Pivotal Role of Dell EMC Cyber Recovery

When they infected production files and synced them with the copy in the vault, CyberSense was instrumental in detecting the cyber attack, providing an alert, and reporting its findings. With Dell EMC Cyber Recovery, your organization is ready with immutable clean backups in your vault, providing an extra line of defense against data and revenue loss, even if cybercriminals infiltrate your production or backup data.

Understanding Cyber Recovery

The concepts of cyber recovery and disaster recovery (DR) are distinct, safeguarding data against various threats and serving diverse roles. DR entails a plan of action for incidents that incapacitate a company’s main data center, such as power grid failure or flooding. This strategy relies on having a separate location for backup data and services, which can promptly restore these backups in a catastrophe.

On the other hand, the Dell EMC Cyber Recovery Vault guards critical infrastructure and data with an isolated, immutable copy of data for essential applications, shielding it from cybercriminals who infiltrate an organization and destroy or hold its data hostage.

Enhancing Resilience with Cyber Recovery Solutions

Cyber recovery, on the other hand, strengthens backup copies to enable recovery even from more complex attacks. Dell EMC Cyber Recovery vault is designed to be physically and logically segregated from other systems and sites to enhance security. By switching off the replication NIC, an operational air gap is created between the production network and the Cyber Recovery Vault, thus ensuring the data within the vault is insulated from other networks. This segregation provides heightened protection against threats such as ransomware and insider attacks.

How Dell EMC Cyber Recovery Vault Works

Dell Cyber Vault SolutionHow Dell EMC Cyber Recovery Vault Works

Dell EMC Cyber Recovery offers a comprehensive and isolated recovery solution that mitigates disruption, cost, and potential revenue loss by ensuring a robust backup of critical data and a roadmap to recovery post a cyber attack. It physically separates your data within a vault and deactivates the replication NIC, effectively disconnecting the production network from the Cyber Recovery Vault. This isolation procedure ensures the safety of the data from external networks.

Dell Cyber Recovery Features

Dell Cyber Recovery has several features that make it an effective solution for ensuring the protection and recovery of data in the event of a cyber attack:

Subscription Licensing Model: This model allows for flexibility in terms of usage and budgeting for organizations of different sizes and needs. An evaluation or proof-of-concept license is valid for 90 days.

Compliance Support: Cyber Recovery has the endorsement of Sheltered Harbor for achieving compliance with financial institution data vaulting standards. This means that it meets a recognized industry standard for data protection and recovery.

User Management: The system supports a maximum of three simultaneous login sessions for the Security Office for enhanced security. It also has features for alerting if a user’s email address is modified or if multi-factor authentication is disabled. Starting with Cyber Recovery version 19.12, the Cyber Recovery security officer (crso) can create multiple security officer roles and manage those accounts.

On-demand Cleanup: The on-demand cleanup feature is another useful tool that can be accessed from the Cyber Recovery User Interface. To utilize this, users can select the Maintenance tab under the gear icon in the masthead navigation.

Custom Configuration: Users have the option to add a virtual Ethernet adapter to configure a separate IP address for SMTP communication from the Cyber Recovery vault if the Postfix mail transfer agent is used.

Support for various workloads: Cyber Recovery supports the recovery of PowerProtect Data Manager with Oracle, SQL, and file system workloads.

Automated NetWorker Recovery: The system provides the option to provide the location of the latest bootstrap backup for a faster automated NetWorker recovery.

It supports the Cyber Recovery vault on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is accessible via Amazon Marketplace with bespoke pricing. It also supports the Cyber Recovery software on a supported Linux operating system in a Microsoft Hyper-V environment.


While planning for natural disasters or hardware failure is essential, the first step to keeping your data safe, it’s equally crucial to have a comprehensive recovery plan that guards against cyber attacks.

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