Why Can’t I Buy PlayStation Plus On PS5

Why Can't I Buy PlayStation Plus On PS5

PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) is Sony’s premium subscription service that provides online multiplayer access, free games, exclusive discounts and other benefits to PlayStation users. It’s considered essential by many PS5 gamers for unlocking the full experience of their new console. But some new PS5 owners have reported issues purchasing and renewing PS Plus directly on their console.

This article will examine the common problems preventing PS5 users from subscribing to PS Plus, along with troubleshooting tips and alternate methods of signing up for and managing your membership.

Key Reasons You May Be Unable to Buy PS Plus on PS5

There are a few key reasons why you may be running into errors or problems when attempting to purchase PlayStation Plus directly through your PS5’s PlayStation Store app:

  • Payment method issues – expired/invalid card, billing info errors
  • PlayStation Network connection problems
  • Regional store and account mismatches
  • Licensing issues and age restrictions
  • Server and PlayStation Store app bugs

Let’s explore these issues in more detail and how to get around them.

Payment Method Problems

Payment Method ProblemsWhy Can't I Buy PlayStation Plus On PS5

One of the most common roadblocks to purchasing PS Plus on your PS5 is invalid payment method errors. These could include:

  • Your saved credit/debit card on your PSN account has expired since you last used it.
  • You entered your card details incorrectly, such as typos in the number, expiry date or CVC code.
  • Your billing address associated with the payment method doesn’t match the details your card provider has.
  • Your payment method has been declined by your bank due to insufficient funds or fraud concerns.

To fix payment problems, double check all the details of your payment method are correct on your PSN account, including the card number, expiry, CVC code and billing address. Consider removing and re-adding the payment method if errors persist.

You can also try an alternate credit/debit card or other payment option like PayPal. Make sure new cards or payment methods are fully validated before attempting to buy PS Plus.

PlayStation Network Connection Issues

Problems with your PlayStation Network connection can also prevent completing PS Plus purchases. For example:

  • Your PS5 isn’t connected to the internet.
  • You have a slow, unstable or restrictive network connection.
  • PSN is experiencing an outage or server disruptions.
  • Your network has port restrictions blocking PlayStation Store access.

Check that your PS5 has a stable, high-speed internet connection for reliable PSN access. If you’re on Wi-Fi, try switching to a wired Ethernet connection. Contact your ISP if you suspect any network restrictions.

Also, ensure PSN status isn’t suffering any outages in your region. You can visit Sony’s Network Status page to check this.

Regional Store and Account Mismatches

Your PlayStation Network account region must match the regional PlayStation Store you are accessing to successfully purchase PS Plus.

For example, a PSN account created in Europe won’t be able to buy PS Plus from the US PlayStation Store. You’ll encounter errors like “This product cannot be purchased at this time” or “The prepaid card or voucher code you entered cannot be redeemed in this store”.

Be sure to access the PlayStation Store in the same region as your PSN account. You can check your account region under Settings > Account. Alternatively, create a new account matching your local store.

Licensing Restrictions and Age Limits

In some cases, PS Plus purchases may be blocked due to:

  • Your PSN account’s age and country not meeting PS Plus license requirements. For example, accounts for users under 18 can’t purchase PS Plus in certain regions.
  • PS Plus availability restrictions in your country. The service is only available in select regions worldwide.

You’ll need to ensure your PSN account age, country and region all meet PS Plus licensing requirements. Consider creating a new adult account in a supported country if your current one is restricted.

PlayStation Store Bugs and Errors

Despite no clear issues on your end, the PlayStation Store app may simply be having problems processing purchases and transactions. App bugs, glitches and intermittent server troubles could all contribute.

Some steps to try getting around store errors include:

  • Fully restarting your PS5 console
  • Updating to the latest system software version
  • Clearing the cache and data for the PlayStation Store app
  • Retrying the purchase during off-peak hours when servers are less busy

If problems persist for an extended time, it indicates broader issues with Sony’s systems that will likely require you to wait for fixes and stable services.

Alternate Ways to Sign Up for PlayStation Plus

If troubleshooting your PS5’s PlayStation Store fails to resolve purchase problems, all is not lost. There are a few handy alternative methods to sign up for PS Plus:

Buy PS Plus Codes and Cards

Pre-paid PlayStation Plus membership codes and cards are available both digitally and physically from various retailers. These work as gifts that instantly grant PS Plus access when redeemed on your PlayStation account.

To use, login to your PSN account on a phone, PC or any device, head to Redeem Codes and input your PS Plus code. You’ll then have PS Plus!

Purchase via Web and Mobile Stores

Sony offers full access to PS Plus subscriptions on both their web and mobile PlayStation Stores, accessible from any device.

Try buying from these stores if the PS Store on your PS5 continues giving you issues. Your account will reflect the membership regardless of where you purchased it from.

Subscribe on a PS4 System

See if purchasing PS Plus is possible on an older PS4 console or via the PlayStation app on iOS or Android. Still being based on your same PSN account, any active subscription carries over to your PS5 too.

This provides a useful workaround while any bugs or restrictions affecting the PS5 store itself get resolved in future system updates.

Ongoing PS Plus Management Tips

Once you’ve successfully subscribed to PlayStation Plus using one of these methods, there are some management tips worth remembering:

  • Turn on auto-renewal so your membership automatically renews each cycle. This prevents any future purchase issues affecting continuous access.
  • When redeeming PS Plus gift cards and codes, redeem them on the web or mobile PlayStation Store, not directly on your PS5 console. This avoids any potential redemption errors.
  • To cancel or modify your subscription, manage your membership via the web PlayStation Store or Sony’s account management site. Avoid doing cancellations directly on the PS5 itself.
  • Regularly check for any payment method expirations and update your details proactively to keep your membership active.


Accessing multiplayer gaming and free monthly games on your shiny new PS5 requires a PS Plus subscription. But invalid payment methods, network problems, licensing issues or general glitches may be stopping you from purchasing PS Plus directly on your console.

There are various troubleshooting steps like double checking payment details, testing network connections, creating appropriate accounts and retrying during off-peak times that could help resolve these purchase problems.

If your PS5 continues struggling, quickly and easily sign up for PlayStation Plus by grabbing a digital code online, subscribing via the web or mobile PlayStation Store, or purchasing through a PS4 system for now. This will ensure you gain access to all the benefits of PS Plus until any specific problems with the PS5 store are patched.

With some persistence and the right workaround, every PS5 owner can unlock the gates to PlayStation Plus and make the most of their new console’s online capabilities. 

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