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Valve Steam Deck

My Idea For Valve Steam Deck

This is the new valve steam deck, which I’m sure you’ve heard about. It’s a revolutionary new gaming product that allows you to bring PC games with you wherever you go, and I wanted to tell you whether I think the valve steam deck is worth it. Is it worthwhile?

Today I’m going to review the valve steam deck, and I’ve got to say right away that I love this thing. There are a lot of things to love about the steam deck, starting with the fact that. We have already discussed the handheld gaming console Aya Next Neo Pro 2022.

I enjoy Steam Deck Handheld gaming. The idea of what the Steam Deck may offer in terms of bringing the PC gaming environment onto a handheld is really exciting to me. The device structure of the system is another factor that contributes to all of this and really pleasantly surprised me.

Valve Steam Deck Image
Valve Steam Deck

The Handheld Gaming PC Valve Steam Deck, on the other hand, is sort of in the opposite situation, doing its best to pack an already-existing gaming ecosystem, specifically Steam on PC into a handheld and make it function as effectively as it can. And when it does function well, it’s a wonderful experience.

I really wanted to base my impressions on the device’s intended use as a handheld PC gaming device. Valve has undoubtedly made a special effort to make that experience as seamless as possible.

Furthermore, the fact that this is such a broad generalization and category is what makes it so interesting. There are many different things that could go wrong and result in several distinct experiences.

Steam Deck Previous Products

Nevertheless, Valve isn’t exactly renowned for producing a tonne of excellent gear. We are all familiar with Steam, and while they do produce some games, they have also worked on various unsuccessful hardware initiatives. similar to how they produced the Steam Controller, which was subsequently withdrawn. Moreover, the Steam Link was also dropped. Let’s not even begin to discuss steam machines.

How To Bring Up Keyboard on Steam Deck

At first glance, I wasn’t really in love with the button layout of the Valve Steam Deck Console and then, of course, the fact that it’s also a gigantic system.

But while it’s not exactly the most portable, you’re certainly not gonna fit it in a pocket, it is very comfortable to use.

When you start a game that requires the keyboard, it’ll give you a notification right away saying, hey, just remember, you might need to do this. Here’s the button combo you gotta have in mind. Well, the verified tier represents those games that are 100% meant to work just perfectly fine on the system.

There are also certain scenarios that are highlighted that are truly trivial and do not occur very frequently, such as games that need you to use the OS-level keyboard. For example, consider Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster, one of the simplest games on the Steam Deck Valve that feels extremely natural until you get to the point where you need to identify a character.

Steam Deck Keyboard
Image Credit Valve Steam Deck

And, well, it’s looking for a keyboard that’s not connected to the system. The solution is to bring up an OS-level keyboard by pressing the Steam button and the X button simultaneously and then utilizing it.

When you’re in ordinary gameplay mode, everything feels pretty natural. In terms of moving and looking around, both sticks are doing their jobs. The buttons you believe should operate for things like activating objects or swinging a weapon all appear to be functional. However, when you access the game’s menu system, everything defaults to the Steam Deck’s usual desktop interface design.

So, unlike what you might expect, you can’t just move the D-pad or stick around to select different things and then press A. Instead, you’re now using the right stick to simulate a mouse pointer, which you then move around and then click on things, which, once you figure it out, you’ll be able to do.

Valve Steam Deck Design

The curve designs on the back of the body simply provide a much better long-term gaming experience when compared to the flatter designs found on most handheld systems. Also, the buttons, sticks, and triggers all have a very nice feel to them. The only criticism I have is with the touch pads. Part of it is because I’m not used to using them. I’m doing everything I can to see the value in them.

The Valve steam deck before I got it in my hand was how it actually felt in the hand and how the controls felt because the controls look like they’re kind of falling off the edge of the device which is kind of strange to me it really doesn’t look like it’d be that comfortable but I’ve got to say because of the addition of these hand grips and because of the placement of the controls I’ve got to say it’s a lot more comfortable.

I’m still a lot more comfortable with the more traditional use of sticks or the D-pad.

On that note, another thing that confuses me is that there are A, B, X, and Y buttons. A D-pad is available. There are two thumbsticks with this pleasant texture. There are also two haptic feedback touchpads. The top right is a menu button, and the top left is a view button.

The Steam button opens the Steam menu in the bottom left corner. And the quick settings button on the bottom right provides information such as battery life, frame rate limits, and brightness. The top has four shoulder buttons, R1, R2, and L1, L2. There are also four more assignable grip buttons on the back. R4, R5, and L4, L5.

Valve Steam Deck Image 4
Valve Steam Deck

Because I’m used to the layout on other systems, the touchpad being below the stick and the D-pad being off to the side confuses me. But, overall, the layout of everything and the feel of the buttons and sticks are all very solid.

I’ve ever held these grips feel incredible in the hand they fit my hand perfectly the crazy thing is that even though the buttons appear to be spread out too much they’re actually totally reachable and very easy to get to no matter what kind of game you’re playing you’ve got four sorts of hidden paddle buttons on the back side of the grip which I do end up clicking a lot by mistake but a lot of games don’t actually use these buttons so it doesn’t really matter.

I haven’t had any problems with them, and since the device’s screen is also a touch screen, there is no shortage of input options on the steam deck, which I really like because there are so many different kinds of PC games out there, and one thing I found myself doing a lot, especially with real-time strategy games.

Valve Steam Deck Features

You can connect a Handheld Gaming PC Valve Steam Deck to a television, connect a keyboard and mouse, and play games, but it won’t be the intuitive experience you’d hope for. When you look back at something like the switch, it’s the simplicity that has made that concept popular, right?

You have this handheld, you put it in a steam deck dock, bam, it’s on the TV, and you’re ready to go.

There are a few more steps to Steam Deck. First and foremost, you’ll need a USBC adapter to connect to an HDMI or other type of display, as well as a USB port to plug in a keyboard and mouse, unless you prefer to use Bluetooth for those.

Valve Steam Deck
Valve Steam Deck

Easy to carry

But, once I had the Steam Deck, all I wanted to do was play some games. I’d never played any of those games before. Normally, I have to sit in one room where the gaming PC, monitor, keyboard, and everything else is set up. However, this could easily be extended anywhere and the Valve steam deck gaming pc is easy to carry. You can participate in a game. I don’t know if it’s in the back of a car or on a plane, or in a doctor’s waiting room. Basically anywhere where you can catch a spare hour or two.

Steam Deck PC Games

There are numerous other games that must be verified for the platform. And, really, I’m more interested in seeing what a new model in the next few years might look like, or even how this model might turn out with enough major patches applied to the OS. So those are my thoughts on the Handheld Gaming PC Valve Steam Deck after a week of regular use.

Valve Steam Deck Price

So the Steam Deck Cost is a $399 handheld gaming console with a screen surrounded by non-removable controls that houses a mini PC. It can be difficult to understand what a Steam Deck is if you haven’t heard of it. The steam deck starts at $399 for the base model and goes all the way up to $649 for the high-end model. As previously stated, the base model starts at $399 and includes 64 gigabytes of onboard storage.

Another version I have has a retail price of $529 and features faster storage as well as more onboard storage in the amount of 256 gigabytes according to Steam’s website.

The next variant, which costs $649, has the most storage available (512 gigabytes), is apparently the fastest storage, and has a premium anti-glare etched glass screen.

Steam Deck Storage Space

You will undoubtedly need to supplement with an SD card; I purchased a micro SD card with a capacity of one terabyte, which has proven to be extremely useful. a terabyte of extra storage in addition to my 256 gigabytes and it can install a lot of Valve Steam Deck games on that one terabyte card it’s definitely helped out a lot especially because I run Grand Theft Auto on here and I have Forza Horizon 5 and I have Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance a lot of games that take up a lot of space and that’s definitely something that you want to consider yes you can supplement the storage on this device.

Valve steam deck image
Image Credit Steam Deck

I don’t think this would have been enough storage for me, so real when you buy a Handheld Gaming PC Valve Steam Deck you’re going to need to supplement with some additional storage, which means if you want to grab an extra terabyte of storage, steam deck storage expansion is a good idea which I absolutely recommend.

You’re going to have to spend some bucks extra approx. 100 to 150$ more to grab a fast enough one terabyte steam deck SD card obviously prices will go down in the future but as of right now that’s generally what you’re going to have to expect But it’s much more than that. A steam deck storage upgrade is the best option to enjoy your games more.

Valve Steam Deck Specs

It’s still quite light. It weighs 669 g. Basically, it’s 1 1/2 times the Switch. It’s all plastic here, but there’s not much flex. There is no flexion. The item appears to be well-made. Then there are the controls. So, first and foremost, there’s a glass touchscreen up front, with a seven-inch diagonal, 1280 by 800, 60 Hz IPS display.

And I believe that is where focusing on the numbers on paper will lead you astray. It’s powered by a custom AMD APU. It has 16 GB of RAM. As a gamer, you might be tempted to think, “Well, what if it had a 90 Hz or 120 Hz display?” Alternatively, focusing on faster storage to reduce latency “a little would’ve”.

Valve Steam Deck
Valve Steam Deck

And they’re all well-organized. The back buttons are positioned comfortably where your fingers would normally be, and the grip is nicely curved. It is comfortable to hold. The speakers, of course, are in front of you, and then there are volume controls, a headphone jack, and a USB-C port for charging.

The Handheld Gaming PC Valve Steam Deck’s battery life is rated between two and eight hours. And I’ll just say that you’ll get closer to two a lot more often than you will to eight. So 60 Hz is sufficient. A resolution of 1280 by 800 on a seven-inch display is adequate. And the controllers and ergonomics are excellent; they are extremely comfortable. It’s incoherent. It’s not precise. You’d never put them to use. But the controls that should work do, which is why it’s in the Great on Deck section. Detail Valve steam deck gaming specs are mentioned below.

AMD APU16GB LPDDR5 memory, 8GB accessible by steam deck GPU
APU power: 4-15W
CPU: Zen 2 4c/8t, 2.4-3.5GHzHaptics
GPU: 8 RDNA 2 CUs, 1.0-1.6GHzHD haptics
Steam Deck Graphics CardDisplay
AMD RDNA 2 graphics with 8 cores and 1GB of video memoryResolution: 1280 x 800px (16:10 aspect ratio)
Type: IPS LCD with optical bonding for improved readability
64 GB eMMCUSB-C data port, DisplayPort 1.4 video out, and USB-C PD charging
256 GB NVMeConnectivity
512 GB high-speed NVMe SSDBluetooth version 5.0 (support for controllers, accessories, and audio)
6-Axis IMUThe battery capacity of 40Whr. 2 to 8 hours of playtime (5,313mAh battery)
External connectivity for controllers and displaysSteam deck Screen size
USB-C with Alt-mode compatibility for DisplayPort 1.4; up to 8K @60Hz or 4K @120Hz, USB 3.2 Gen 2y298mm x 117mm x 49mm (11.7 x 4.6 x 1.9 inches)
Weight Head Phone / MIC
Approx. 669 grams3.5mm stereo headphone/headset jack

Valve Steam Deck Store

They had to create a separate section for games whose controls perfectly map over. However, there are many games whose controls do not map well or have unknown compatibility, making it a tossup. There are also games on the Steam Deck Store Page that are completely unsupported by Steam Deck and will not work. So, whenever you search the store, you can specify steam deck “verified games only,” which works great. You can also take a chance and include games that are playable but not perfect, which is entirely up to you.

So, the Steam Deck’s challenge is to be able to play any of the games steam deck verified games list, wherever you want, which is an incredible goal. You can take your steam library, or at least the majority of it, with you on the go, which is something I never thought would be possible other than by bringing a gaming laptop with you, but now you can pretty much bring your entire steam library with you on a console that’s a little bigger than a Nintendo switch.

Valve Steam Deck
Valve Steam Deck

For example, when browsing the Steam Store, all games have a Steam Deck compatibility rating.

To be fair, in the meantime, those games that have been tested will either be completely verified, will work and be playable but will have some issues, or will be considered unplayable on the system. Verified games should function exactly as intended. You should have no trouble using all of the controls on the Handheld Gaming PC Valve Steam Deck.

Top 10 Steam Deck Compatible Games

Grid Legend

Hitman Steam Deck
Both Image Credit Valve Steam Deck Store (GRID & HITMAN)
Before We Leave
Edge Of Eternity
Final Fantasy 1 to 4
Grid Legends

Valve Steam Deck Battery Life

If you want to play for more than three hours, you’ll need to bring it with you everywhere. But the reward for putting up with all of these trade-offs is the ability to play these Valve Steam Deck games in places you’ve probably never been able to play them before. And that’s half the fun. So, despite the fact that they’re ergonomically similar and it’s tempting to compare this to a Nintendo Switch, they’re not even in the same category.

Steam Deck Back Side
Valve Steam Deck

They’re also aimed at entirely different audiences.

I’m getting about an hour to an hour and a half of battery life while playing graphically intensive games. I’d like it, especially when compared to another console like the Switch, which has a very similar form factor and, while not as powerful, can be played for four to five hours even with graphically intensive games.

Steam Deck Software Updates

The Steam Deck already has a dedicated community of fans that is mapping the controls to various new games.

Since I first got it, Valve has released a number of software updates for it. Bug fixes, new features, and experiments People are out here plugging it into a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse.

Even if I’m not the biggest gamer in the world, the fun of it is being able to take these two new games to new places and play them in places I would never normally be able to. If you want that experience, you should try to get a Steam Deck, but there aren’t many of them. But if you are, go ahead and check it out.

Steam Deck Has Received An Upgrade That Brings More Games Available!

Okay, guys, this is yet another massive update for the Handheld Gaming PC Valve Steam Deck, so let’s talk about why you should install it right now if you haven’t already. To begin with, there are many features and fixes that improve the quality of life. Improvement The first update in the general category is that the range sliders are now more precise, especially with large numbers; additionally, changing the value will accelerate.

They also fix scrolling on the home page, make the what’s new section more reliable, fix an issue with loading the game Carousel in the recommended Tab and fix crashes related to screenshots and audio. Bluetooth and streaming from another deck improved the responsiveness of the on-screen keyboard and allowed it to run at 60 frames per second.

steam deck image
Image Credit Valve Steam Deck

They fixed a long-standing annoyance with the keyboard where some keystrokes would miss input and resolved the problem where the virtual keyboard couldn’t sometimes type into a chat tab then they updated the keyboard so that external controllers were more reliable when using it then they turned their attention to the media tab now this is where you can view and manage your screenshots they made this page more performant for people who have a large number of screenshots.

They also added the ability to scroll through your screenshots in full-screen mode by using the left and right buttons. This also means that when you exit full-screen mode, you’re properly focused on the image you last viewed, which is a fantastic feature update.

Steam Deck Review

I’m ready to deliver my final review judgment on it. There have been many updates to this ambitious handheld gaming pc since then, but what I was most looking forward to was the graphics driver that would allow us to test it as a standard windows pc and avoid the limitations of Valve’s Linux-based steam-OS.

We have that now, and the Handheld Gaming PC Valve Steam Deck has smoothed out some of its launch issues as well, so how good is it? When the stars align, this chunky little handheld can do some absolutely impressive things, putting a pretty powerful little pc in the palm of your hands, but given how many popular games simply do not work on the steam deck right now.

Is The Steam Deck Worth It?

Yes, It has a long way to go before it can truly let you take your Steam library anywhere. It never lets you forget that it’s a PC, and it’s not as smooth as an experience with a walled garden console.

It’s interesting to consider that with just a few accessories, the Handheld Gaming PC Valve Steam Deck could be someone’s only computer, which wouldn’t be a bad setup. While Linux may appear intimidating, even if you run steam os in desktop mode, you’d find it pretty familiar and much easier to use than you might think. Non-gaming applications respect the battery, whereas games chug it like some electrified frat boy. We got over 8 hours of battery life.

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