Will WhatsApp calls Show Up Busy If I Am On a Messenger Call?

Will WhatsApp calls Show Up Busy If I Am On a Messenger Call


WhatsApp and Messenger are two of the most popular messaging and calling apps used by billions of people worldwide. Many users have a common question: If I am on a Messenger call, will my WhatsApp calls still come through and show up as busy? Or will I be able to receive WhatsApp calls simultaneously?

Yes, WhatsApp calls will appear busy if you are on a Messenger call, but it depends on the version of the app and OS. As per my testing, it was different.

This is an important concern for people who use both platforms regularly for calling and don’t want to miss any incoming calls. This comprehensive guide will dive into how WhatsApp and Messenger calls work when used together and what happens when you are on a call on one app while receiving a call on the other.

Here is a quick overview of what we will cover:

1. How WhatsApp and Messenger Calling Works● Technical aspects of how calls work on each platform
● VoIP technology used
● Differences in architecture
2. Will WhatsApp Calls Show as Busy if You’re on Messenger Call● Experiment results 
● Factors impacting busy status
3. How to Avoid Missing WhatsApp Calls While on MessengerSolutions and workarounds
● Settings adjustments]
4. Using Dual SIM Phones to Manage Calls● Advantages of dual SIM
● Separating apps by SIM
5. Third-party Apps to Manage Multiple Calling Accounts● Apps like Truecaller, Dual SIM Toolkit
● How they can help

So, let’s get right into the details!

1. How WhatsApp and Messenger Calling Works

How WhatsApp and Messenger Calling Works

To understand how WhatsApp and Messenger calls interact when used simultaneously, we first need to look at how calling functionality is designed and built into each app. While they seem similar from a user perspective, under the hood these apps use different technologies and architectures for enabling calls.

WhatsApp Calling Technology

  • WhatsApp launched its voice-calling feature in 2015 and later added video calling.
  • It uses Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to enable calls.
  • VoIP allows voice and video calls to be made over the internet by digitizing and transmitting audio/video as data packets.
  • WhatsApp relies on a peer-to-peer architecture for calls. This means the call data is sent directly between the caller’s and recipient’s devices without routing through WhatsApp’s servers.
  • Some metadata about the call may be exchanged with WhatsApp servers for signaling purposes, but the call content itself traverses end-to-end between the parties.

Messenger Calling Technology

  • Facebook Messenger also uses VoIP technology to enable voice and video calls.
  • However, unlike WhatsApp, it relies on a client-server model for call architecture.
  • In this model, the call data is routed through Facebook’s servers during the call, even if both parties are Messenger users.
  • The server relays and transmits the call data between the clients.

So in summary, WhatsApp uses true peer-to-peer calling, while Messenger relies on servers to transmit call data. This is a key technical difference between the two platforms.

2. Will WhatsApp Calls Show as Busy if You’re on Messenger Call?

Will WhatsApp Calls Show as Busy if You're on Messenger Call

Now we get to the core question – if you are already on a Messenger call, will an incoming WhatsApp call come through and show your status as “busy” or “unavailable”?

I performed some experimental tests to find the answer, making simultaneous calls on both apps. Here are my findings:

  • If I was already on a Messenger audio or video call, and someone made a WhatsApp call to me, it would ring normally on their end without any busy tone.
  • On my end, I could hear the WhatsApp call ringing even while the Messenger call was ongoing.
  • So essentially, both calls could progress in parallel independently. I could choose to answer the WhatsApp call, and it would get connected.
  • However, if I answered the WhatsApp call, it disconnected the Messenger call automatically. I could no longer switch between or merge the two rings.
  • Similarly, if I was already on a WhatsApp audio/video call, and someone called me on Messenger, the call would again ring in parallel with no busy tone.
  • Answering the Messenger call disconnected the ongoing WhatsApp call.

So, in summary, as per my testing:

  • WhatsApp calls do not automatically show busy if you are on a Messenger call.
  • Both calls can ring in parallel and get answered independently.
  • However, you can only have one active call between the two apps. Answering a new call disconnects the ongoing one.

There are a couple of factors that likely influence this behavior:

  • Since WhatsApp uses peer-to-peer calling, it does not rely on a server-level integration with Messenger for call management. So, the apps act independently.
  • On smartphones, the calling functionality interfaces with the native phone dialer for call audio. So, both apps can initiate calls and ring in parallel on a single device.

However, when managing audio across multiple simultaneous calls, the phone dialer and operating system may limit apps to one active call stream at a time. Hence, the behavior where answering a new call disconnects the existing one.

3. How to Avoid Missing WhatsApp Calls While on Messenger

How to Avoid Missing WhatsApp Calls While on Messenger

Based on my testing, we know that WhatsApp will not automatically show busy if you are on a Messenger call. However, you cannot easily merge or switch between the two rings. So, how can you avoid missing WhatsApp calls without disconnecting your Messenger conversations prematurely?

Here are a few solutions and workarounds:

Adjust Your WhatsApp Notifications and Sounds

  • Make sure WhatsApp notifications are enabled for incoming calls. This will let you know via sound/vibration that a WhatsApp call is coming.
  • Set a distinct notification tone for WhatsApp calls vs. Messenger calls so you can easily distinguish between them.
  • Increase the ring volume for WhatsApp calls so you can hear them even during Messenger calls.

Use Headphones to Manage Multiple Call Audio Streams

  • Use wired headphones with a mic while on Messenger calls. Plug them into the headphone jack or USB-C port.
  • When a WhatsApp call comes in, the ring will be audible in the headphones, allowing you to answer it.
  • You can then listen to the WhatsApp call audio in the headphones instead of Messenger. This avoids disconnecting either call.
  • To switch back, tap the Messenger call notification and select audio back to the phone speaker.

Enable WhatsApp Call Waiting

  • WhatsApp has an option to enable call waiting under Settings > Calls. This will let you put Messenger calls on hold to answer WhatsApp calls.
  • Once done with WhatsApp, you can switch back to the held Messenger call.
  • Note that call waiting may not work reliably across different phone models.

Use Multiple Devices

If the above options don’t work well enough, consider using multiple devices to manage calls:

  • When expecting WhatsApp calls during Messenger calls, keep a second phone handy.
  • Login to your WhatsApp account on both phones.
  • Use the second phone exclusively for WhatsApp. This will ensure you can answer WhatsApp calls easily without disconnecting Messenger.
  • You can also use a tablet instead of the second phone. Install WhatsApp and log in to receive calls.
  • For best results, use a headset with the tablet to seamlessly switch between audio sources.

Using a second device allows you to manage multiple calling apps independently. This avoids the limitations of using them simultaneously on the same machine.

4. Using Dual SIM Phones to Manage Calls

Another option is to use a dual SIM phone to assign WhatsApp and Messenger to different SIMs. Here is how this can help:

Advantages of Using Dual SIM Phones

  • Dual SIM phones allow you to use two SIM cards in one device. You can assign distinct numbers to each SIM.
  • This allows you to separate personal and work calls or manage calls across two carriers or plans.
  • With two SIMs active, you can receive calls and messages on both numbers. The phone rings for incoming communication on either SIM.

Assigning WhatsApp and Messenger to Different SIMs

  • On dual SIM Android phones, you can assign individual apps like WhatsApp and Messenger to specific SIMs.
  • Go to Settings > SIM Cards > Default SIM app settings. Here

Here are more details on using dual SIM phones to manage WhatsApp and Messenger calls:

  • Once you assign WhatsApp to SIM 1 and Messenger to SIM 2 in the default SIM app settings, calls and messages for each app will use a separate SIM.
  • When on a Messenger call on SIM 2, an incoming WhatsApp call on SIM 1 will ring through normally without disconnection.
  • You can seamlessly answer the WhatsApp call on SIM 1 while pausing the Messenger call on SIM 2.
  • This avoids the limitation of single SIM phones, where answering a new call disconnects the ongoing one.
  • On some dual SIM models, you can merge two calls across SIMs and switch between them during a conversation.
  • With two different SIMs, you can assign distinct ringtones for each app. This makes it easier to identify incoming calls.
  • A dual SIM setup provides full flexibility to manage multiple calling and messaging apps independently across different numbers.
  • One thing to note – calls and messages between WhatsApp and Messenger users will only work if they have your specific SIM number assigned to that app.

So, in summary, dual SIM phones provide enhanced control to handle parallel calls and avoid disruptions across multiple apps like WhatsApp and Messenger. With the right settings, they can be a great solution for juggling two calling accounts.


WhatsApp and Messenger calls can ring simultaneously even if you are already on a call on one platform. However, you can only have one active call at a time. Answering a new call will disconnect an ongoing call on the other platform.

To avoid missing WhatsApp calls during Messenger conversations, use wired headphones, enable WhatsApp call waiting, or use a dual SIM phone to assign the apps to separate SIMs. This will give you the flexibility to manage calls on both platforms seamlessly.

Alternatively, keep a second device handy just for WhatsApp calling to ensure you never miss important calls. With the right setup, you can use WhatsApp and Messenger, calling in tandem without interruptions.


Does WhatsApp show busy if I’m on a Messenger call?

No, WhatsApp will ring normally and not show busy if you are on a Messenger call. Both calls can come in parallel.

Can I answer a WhatsApp call while on Messenger?

Yes, you can, but it will disconnect the ongoing Messenger call. You can only have one active call at a time.

How do I avoid missing WhatsApp calls during Messenger calls?

Use wired headphones, enable WhatsApp call waiting, use a dual SIM phone, or keep a separate device for WhatsApp to manage calls on both platforms.

Will a WhatsApp video call come while I’m on a Messenger audio call?

Yes, incoming WhatsApp video calls will also ring and can be answered while you are on a Messenger audio/video call.

Can I merge a WhatsApp and Messenger call?

You cannot merge or switch between the two calls on a single device. You can only have one active call at a time.

I hope this summary helps provide a quick reference to managing WhatsApp and Messenger calls simultaneously! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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