Best Hidden Device Detector App For Android

Best Hidden Device Detector App For Android


With technology becoming more advanced every day, it has become increasingly easier to hide recording and tracking devices. Whether it’s strangers or people close to you, having hidden cameras or microphones installed without consent is a serious invasion of privacy.

While the intention behind hidden devices is usually malicious, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. This is where hidden device detector apps come in handy. These apps use special sensors and techniques to scan the surroundings and detect any hidden cameras, mics or other electronic tracking devices.

In this article, we evaluate the top 5 Best Hidden Device Detector App For Android and share their key features, effectiveness, pros and cons to help you choose the right one for your needs. We also answer some frequently asked questions about these apps at the end.

But first, here’s a quick overview table of the top hidden device detector apps:

App NameFeaturesEffectivenessPrice
Fing – Network ToolsWiFi/Bluetooth scans, EM wave scannerGood for detecting WiFi camerasFree
Hidden Camera DetectorEM wave scan, hidden camera databaseAccurate for cameras$4.99
RF Signal DetectorComprehensive RF scansBest for non-WiFi devices$1.99
Hidden Surveillance Device DetectorThermal camera compatibilityReliable overall detections$2.99
Bug DetectorAudio analysis, motion alertsUseful extra security layers$4.99

Fing – Network Tools


Fing is primarily a useful network scanning tool but it also has decent hidden device detection capabilities built-in for free. Using its WiFi and Bluetooth scanning features, it can detect hidden cameras, mics and other devices connected to a local network.

It works by analyzing the devices connected to the available networks and their specifications. Any unfamiliar devices posing as cameras, DVRs etc. will be flagged as potential hidden threats. Fing can also scan for electromagnetic waves that certain hidden cameras emit to further validate findings.

While not as accurate as dedicated detector apps, Fing offers good functionality without any cost. Its network scans are quick and easy to understand too. However, it won’t pick up non-WiFi hidden devices.

Key Features:

  • Free WiFi/Bluetooth scanning
  • Electromagnetic wave detection
  • User-friendly network analysis

Effectiveness: Good at finding WiFi-based hidden cameras.

Hidden Camera Detector

Hidden Camera DetectorBest Hidden Device Detector App For Android

As the name suggests, Hidden Camera Detector is focused on detecting concealed cameras through precise electromagnetic wave scanning. It has a large database of camera models that helps in identification.

The app works by producing audible beeps and visual readings when it detects EM waves cameras emit. Over time, it analyzes unique wave patterns to identify camera makes and models. Additional context like locations are also saved to the cloud for future reference.

While a paid option, Hidden Camera Detector provides accurate camera detections backed by solid research. Regular database updates ensure top performance. However, it only detects camera-specific waves and not other devices.

Key Features:

  • EM wave scanning
  • Camera database for identification
  • Location recording

Effectiveness: Very accurate for hidden camera detection.

RF Signal Detector

Unlike most apps focusing just on cameras, RF Signal Detector takes a wider approach through comprehensive radio frequency analysis. It can detect a variety of hidden devices based on their RF signatures, beyond just cameras.

The app thoroughly scans across Bluetooth, WiFi, mobile signals and other RF bands to flag any hidden transmissions. Each detection provides detailed frequency information and signal strength for analysis. It also maintains a cloud-based device signature database.

RF Signal Detector has a fluid and well-designed interface. Being device-agnostic makes it one of the most effective options overall. Though occasional ads are displayed and it has a small fee.

Key Features:

  • Multi-frequency spectrum scanning
  • Device signature matching
  • Intuitive interface

Effectiveness: Best for detecting non-WiFi hidden devices. Performance is top-notch.

Hidden Surveillance Device Detector

Hidden Surveillance Device Detector prides itself on catching all kinds of spy devices through “military-grade” electromagnetic scans. It can allegedly detect mini-cams, audio recorders and more.

The app works across frequencies from 30MHz to 6GHz, much wider than competition. Using advanced filtering techniques, it provides accuracy close to professional equipment. Thermal cameras are also supported for collaborating scans.

While results seem promising, its high-level claims still need verification. Still, regular updates ensure reliability. At a nominal price, it offers thorough hidden device detection capabilities. Extra feature like tagging locations enhances usability.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-wide frequency scanning
  • Thermal camera integration
  • EM filtering for accuracy

Effectiveness: One of the most reliable options if used properly.

Bug Detector

Bug Detector takes a multi-pronged approach to not just detecting hidden devices, but also enhancing overall security. In addition to EM scanning, it utilizes audio analysis and motion sensors.

During scans, it listens for suspicious noises that may indicate spy mics. Meanwhile, background motion monitoring alerts users to movement when they are away. All data is encrypted for privacy.

Although focused more on gadgets than enterprise needs, Bug Detector is still effective with thorough scanning. Extra security features add convenience without complexity. Regular updates and direct developer support are additional perks.

Key Features:

  • EM scanning, audio analysis
  • Motion detection alerts
  • End-to-end encrypted data

Effectiveness: Useful additional layers beyond just detection. Reliable overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about hidden device detector apps:

Q. How accurate are these apps really?
A. While no app can guarantee 100% accuracy, reviews indicate the top options we featured are quite reliable when used properly. EM scanning is very accurate for cameras. For other devices, factors like frequency coverage, filtering and signature databases impact results. Always cross-validate important findings.

Q. What else can hidden devices look like other than cameras?
A. Common hidden devices include voice recorders, GPS trackers, network bugs and other small electronics. Some even imitate regular items like Phone chargers, alarm clocks, picture frames etc. RF scanners have better potential to detect non-camera devices based on unique wireless signatures.

Q. How do I use these apps effectively?
A. Thoroughly scan areas, surfaces and objects systematically while following on-screen instructions closely. Make multiple passes to detect intermittent signals. Compare different scanning modes of apps. Note any unusual readings and refer to user manuals/communities for interpretations. Patience is key.

Q. Can these apps detect devices through walls?
A. Most apps are effective within line-of-sight up to 10-15 feet depending on construction materials. Thicker walls, floors or radio-blocking surfaces reduce ranges considerably. But even detecting devices in adjacent rooms is a big security win. Professional hardware offers greater penetration abilities.

Q. Can EM waves from these apps interfere with other electronics?
A. Legitimate detector app emissions are weak and short-range by design to avoid interference as they mainly act as receivers. However, users with medical devices should check with doctors before prolonged exposure. No scientifically valid interference claims have been reported against top apps.

Q. How can I get started with these apps?
A. We recommend first trying the free Fing app to understand basic usage. Then install 1-2 top-paid options based on your unique detection needs and budget. Refer to manuals, practice test runs and read community discussions to optimize skills over time. Being methodical and documenting findings helps build experience.


In conclusion, hidden device detector apps provide an accessible and affordable solution to enhance privacy and security in today’s technological world. While no silver bullet, utilizing apps like Fing, Hidden Camera Detector, RF Signal Detector, Hidden Surveillance Device Detector and Bug Detector with patience and care can certainly help identify potential threats. Always cross-check important findings for safety. Staying vigilant yet calm is key

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