Temporary Read Limits On Twitter (Elon Musk’s Decision)

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In an unprecedented move, Twitter’s CEO, Elon Musk, has announced the implementation of “Temporary Read Limits On Twitter”, signifying a new era of user engagement on the popular social media site. These temporary read limits, targeted at curbing the increasing trend of data scraping and system manipulation, are expected to redefine the ways Twitter users interact on the platform.

Twitter’s ‘Rate limit exceeded’ notification may catch many off-guard, serving as an unexpected disruption to their routine social media activities. This temporary emergency measure, however, is a crucial part of Twitter’s evolving strategy. Aimed at addressing extreme levels of data scraping and system manipulation, the implementation of “Temporary Read Limits On Twitter” is designed to bolster the platform’s resilience against misuse.

Elon Musk, known for his leadership at Tesla and SpaceX, confirmed the introduction of these temporary read limits on Twitter via a tweet. A verified account could now read 6,000 posts a day, an unverified account 600, and a new unverified account 300. However, he was quick to alleviate potential concerns by stating that these limits would soon increase to 10,000, 1000, and 500 posts daily for the respective categories. This strategy underlines Musk’s efforts to strike a balance between user engagement and platform security, shaping a new future for this widely-used social media platform.

New Daily Read Limit (Verified Accounts)10,000 posts
New Daily Read Limit (Unverified Accounts)1000 posts
New Daily Read Limit (New Unverified Accounts)500 posts
Initial Read Limit (Verified Accounts)6,000 posts
Initial Read Limit (Unverified Accounts)600 posts
Initial Read Limit (New Unverified Accounts)300 posts
No. of Twitter Staff Laid Off by Musk6,400 (80% of 8,000 global staff)
Twitter Blue Subscription Cost (Monthly)£9.60
Twitter Blue Subscription Cost (Annually)£115.20

The Impetus Behind the Temporary Read Limits on Twitter

Twitter’s new reading limit policy comes as a reaction to high levels of data scraping and system manipulation. Outages were recorded in both the UK and the US, with Downdetector – a site that monitors online outages – reporting a peak of 5,126 UK complaints and 7,461 US complaints regarding inability to access Twitter. The news rapidly spread, leading to #Twitterdown and RIP Twitter trending on the platform, reflecting user frustration.

Temporary Read Limits On Twitter (Elon Musk's Decision)

Effects on Twitter Users

Twitter users, especially those unverified, were met with a notification saying, “Rate limit exceeded. Please wait a few moments then try again.” This left users worldwide perplexed, leading to public outcry. The layoff of 80% of Twitter’s 8,000 global workforces following Musk’s acquisition also contributed to a significant loss of functionality on the platform, stirring discontent amongst the user base.

Elon Musk’s Reign at Twitter

Musk’s reign at Twitter has been marked by substantial changes. One such change was the removal of the legacy blue ticks, previously used to verify a user’s identity, replaced by a paid subscription service named Twitter Blue. This move was widely criticized by high-profile figures and celebrities who argued that the platform is now more susceptible to imposters and disinformation. Despite this, Twitter defended the change, asserting that the service “elevates quality conversations.”

Musk, a vocal critic of the platform even before his acquisition, had expressed plans to transform it into “X, the everything app.” Weeks after the takeover, he tweeted about his intentions to resign as CEO “as soon as [he finds] someone foolish enough to take the job.” This statement followed a poll created by Musk, in which millions of Twitter users asked him to step down.

Twitter’s New Subscription Service

The Twitter Blue subscription service, priced at £9.60 monthly or £115.20 annually, affords subscribers a range of benefits. Subscribers receive a blue tick, can compose tweets up to 10,000 characters long, modify published tweets, and see approximately 50% fewer ads. They also gain the ability to use non-fungible token (NFT) profile pictures, a unique feature that sets them apart from other users.


Elon Musk’s recent implementation of temporary read limits on Twitter has sparked a wave of reactions from users worldwide. The platform’s attempt to counter high levels of data scraping and system manipulation reflects a new era of dynamic policy implementation.

Despite the initial backlash, the effects of these changes will only truly be understood in the long term. As with any significant transformation, only time will tell if these read limits and other policy alterations prove beneficial or detrimental to Twitter’s long-term growth and user satisfaction.

Moreover, the implementation of reading limits demonstrates Twitter’s commitment to mitigating system manipulation. By limiting the frequency and volume of data retrieval, the platform aims to prevent the abuse of automated systems that can influence the dissemination of information. This move has the potential to enhance the authenticity and reliability of content shared on Twitter.

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