Twitter Testing New Feature 2,500 character limit for a post

twitter characters 2022

Twitter New Feature

Twitter is currently testing a new feature that will allow users to create “notes” that would enable up to 2,500 words per tweet. The standard limit is 280 characters, making this new test more applicable.

The new update allows users to insert up to 2,500 words of text, photos, videos, and GIFs into posts that can be written, shared, and shared on Twitter. The Comments tab appears as a tweet on the Twitter timeline with a preview of the longest post.

The test will run for two months with a small writer from Canada, Ghana, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

“Since the company’s inception, the authors have relied on Twitter to share their work, view, read, and talk — nothing but writing,” the company said when it announced the new Note product.

  • The notes refer to filling in the blanks.

Obviously, Twitter wants to keep users in the app instead of relying on external sources. Instead, Twitter wants people to read everything on the platform.

Expert Statement

Social media expert, Dr. Laura Toogood says the process is an important step for Twitter. she said this feature encourages people to stay on the platform instead of referring to other sites that store long content.

“Adding this extra capability means Twitter can now compete with some of the more popular blogging platforms and potentially attract new audiences and different types of users,” she added.

Twitter Earlier Limit

Twitter messages originally had a limit of 140 characters, which was the same as the official SMS limit for mobile phones. In 2017, this limit was increased to 280 characters.

Meanwhile, Twitter is in the middle of USD 44 billion by Tesla Inc.

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