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google Wallet

Google Wallet

The new Google Wallet app is now available to all customers after being available on their phones in 39 countries. Some people have struggled to retrieve it or get the update by searching Google Play, but you can try this link or find it via Google tweet.

Google Wallet
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Now for the other side confused. In most of these markets, Google Pay will simply convert to Google Wallet through an automatic update. But in the US and Singapore, Google Wallet will be available for download as a separate app from the Google Play Store and will continue to coexist with the Google Pay app. According to Google, this is for people who have “Deeper payment experiences, such as view and manage your transactions, make P2P payments, and save money on offers. ”

Google Pay

The company combined Google Wallet and Android Pay in 2018 to create Google Pay, a single application that brings together payment programs, tickets, and loyalty under one roof, running on Android and Google Chrome. In 2020, Google Pay had a major application update to receive peer-to-peer payments, offers, and other services.

Google Pay
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Return of Wallet to Google

Now, Google has announced the return of Wallet to Google I / O in May, splitting things up again to create a dedicated home for payment cards, airline tickets, ID cards, vaccination files, and even car keys.

Users can use the app to pay providers that support Google Pay.

Google Wallet is available for free download from the Google Play Store. Users must be running a Minimum of Android 5.2 or the latest version of Android and must have a Google Account along with a valid US phone number. From there you can add different cards to your Google Wallet. If you already have a map connected to the Google Play Store or YouTube, your map must be uploaded.

Google Wallet is the same as Google Pay

Launched Google Wallet

Launched Google Wallet
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Google originally launched Google Wallet in 2011 as its first mobile payment service app, allowing Android users to connect their compatible phones to select in-store readers to make payments.

It only worked on your Nexus phone and required users to sign up for a Citi MasterCard account or purchase a Google prepaid card to make payments. It was difficult to use because you had to open the app and enter a PIN to access your cards. About four years later, Google Wallet was replaced with Android Pay.

The name will confuse some users, as Google launched an application called Google Wallet in 2011 just to combine its functionality with Google Pay. Now, with (mostly) double payment in your wallet, it’s the other way around.

Google Pay was later discontinued and redesigned.

Google Redesigned Google Pay

Google Redesigned Google Pay
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Google tested a redesigned version of Google Pay in India, known as Google Thesis. This new version of Google Pay has offered some new features, such as in-app messaging, personalized offers, transaction history, receipt scanning, and more. It has also started charging small percentage fees for debit card transfers.

Eventually, this version of Google Pay appeared as a new app on the Google Play Store, while the previous version of Google Pay also remained in circulation. In April 2021, Google stopped producing the previous version of Google Pay in the US.

And now Google Wallet is back

conference in 2022. The revamped Google Wallet app is compatible with both Android and Wear OS, representing Google’s broader ambition for a comprehensive wallet solution.

Like its predecessor, Google Pay, the Wallet app enables users to store a wide variety of cards, including credit and debit cards. Additionally, the Wallet expands this storage capability to include other vital elements such as airline tickets, event tickets, and vaccination cards. Most notably, the updated version now accommodates digital ID cards and driving licenses, underlining its enhanced versatility and comprehensive approach.

The new Google Wallet app became available with an update to the Google Pay app that many Android users received on Monday, marking the official start of Google’s Wallet deployment. This launch signifies Google’s commitment to providing an all-encompassing wallet solution that goes beyond just financial transactions.

Initially unveiled at Google I/O in May, Google Wallet represents a strategic push towards creating an all-in-one wallet solution. Alongside the ability to store credit and debit cards, the wallet extends its functionality to incorporate various forms of tickets, loyalty cards, and even digital vaccination cards. This broad-spectrum utility underscores Google’s vision of transforming Google Wallet into an integral part of users’ everyday life, catering to their diverse needs in an increasingly digital world.

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