ROG Phone 6D Ultimate Is Now More Powerful!

Asus Rog 6d Ultimate

Asus ROG 6D Ultimate

Asus’ Republic of Gamers (ROG) Phone series has long been the gold standard for mobile gaming phones, pushing specs and features far beyond typical smartphones. Now with the new ROG Phone 6D Ultimate, Asus looks to take mobile gaming to the next level yet again.

There is another ROG Phone, let’s talk about it. The ROG Phone 6D Ultimate is a new gaming smartphone from the wonderful people at the Republic of Gamers. This phone is packed with high-end specs and features that will appeal to any mobile Gamer.

The device has just been announced, so let’s dive into it. In the box, we have a key that is used to play augmented reality, this time Asus also comes with a Rog Aero 6 active cooler. Asus’ new ROG Aero 6 active cooler is a key that allows you to play augmented reality games

There is also that extra screen, the headset is still glass and metal and in addition to replacing the processor we are also promised an improved cooling system and at the same time essentially the same characteristics as the Asus Rog 6 Pro phone.

Asus ROG 6D Design

The only difference in design is the black rectangle on the left side which is actually a hole, they call the aeroactive portal and it actually opens up when you plug in the aeroactive cooler to help dissipate heat for longer gaming sessions outside than you all still pretty much the same button and port layout that includes two USB-C ports and even has a headphone jack so you can shoot fans in first person, don’t worry the air triggers are still there for that added benefit.

Asus Rog 6d Ultimate back Gear
All Image Credit ASUS

With its gaming phone aesthetic, you still have the gorgeous look, now it’s all about the dot matrix screen. One thing I will say is that this phone is very heavy, you might be wondering how heavy it is, the Weight of the ASUS ROG 6D Ultimate is  239 g (8.43 oz).

so it’s not only good for gaming but also for entertainment so you can watch all your favorite shows as well as your favorite YouTube vloggers we hope to include this phone also has a great pair of speakers and it’s one of the best I’ I have heard on the smartphone so far.

Asus Rog 6 Display

As for the display, it’s really the same as we have on the pro, and I mean exactly the same 6.78″ screen with AMOLED, 1B colors, 165Hz, refresh rate with 1200 nits (peak) touch sampling, and 1 millisecond response time, which is also vast—L1 certification for all your Netflix needs, plus 10-bit color support. We have Gorilla Glass Victor protection on the front and Full HD Plus resolution.

Asus Rog 6d Ultimate
All Image Credit ASUS

ROG 6D Ultimate Camera

Back Camera

Now, you’re not buying a gaming phone for its cameras, but let’s talk about it anyway. We have a 50-megapixel main camera with IMX 776 which goes up to 8K@24fps, 4K@30/60fps. 13-megapixel ultra-wide and 5-megapixel macro because it should have three rear cameras on the right.

Front Camera

For selfies processed by the 12 MP, 28mm (wide) with IMX 663 sensor having, the photos are awesome with the front camera, the best image quality in their respective price ranges, Rog phone 6D front cameras which also go up to 1080p @ 30fps, which are a bit close but for my taste so if you are going to use it for a vlog camera even though it is technically one gaming phone you can just use a stick for a selfie. The camera as usual Asus has figured out its integration.

Asus Rog 6d Ultimate Aero Active Cooler
All Image Credit ASUS

ROG 6D Ultimate Processor and Ram

The processor is Media-Tek dimensity 9000+ (4nm), and it comes with 16 gigabytes of LPDDR5 RAM with 17% more memory bandwidth and half a terabyte of U.F.S 3.1 storage, there is also NTFS storage, which you can connect to the device, we did several benchmarks with a cooler connected 1 million or 117,000 points 385 this is what that we have here and you can see the dimension of the 9000+ processor.

Asus Rog 6d Ultimate media tek chipset
All Image Credit ASUS

Difference between ROG 6D and Rog Pro

We have the Asus Rog 6D Ultimate phone, the new one is a MediaTek 9000 Plus processor instead of a Snapdragon 8 plus gen1. The phone is just as powerful as its predecessor, but with a more efficient processor.

Okay, let’s move on to the most noticeable difference: the rog phone 6D Ultimate is equipped with a Media-Tek demensity 9000 plus processor that exceeds 16 gigabytes compared to 18 gigabytes in the pro version and has 512 gigabytes of internal memory.

This time we have a cooler, that’s always good news and I should probably mention that compared to the Asus Rog 6 Pro phone I’ve already tested, this one has 16 gigabytes of RAM, the other has 18 but a better version of the spec ok so people are curious what’s going on with Tech Dimensity 9000+ support.

The phone’s design is still the same, with the signature RGB lighting on the back. If you’re looking for a powerful gaming phone that won’t break the bank, the Asus Rog 6D Ultimate is a great option.


One clip on the back has its own game buttons, four of them are inside the box as well, and we have foreign-sourced accessories. The metal key is used to access the nano-SIM slots and is more of a bumper case, for good reason. for that it lets you see the great look and the extra screen.

Asus Rog 6d Ultimate gaming
All Image Credit ASUS

Other Features

We have powerful stereo speakers with stereo speakers (2 amplifiers) and also have 5G and Wifi 6E connectivity this device can offer dual-band NFC GPS and a USB C 3.1 port on the side here to connect to the cooler and other accessories and a USBC 2.0 port at the bottom we also have an optical in-screen fingerprint (under display, optical) scanner, compass, gyro, proximity, and accelerometer and we have these two buttons here plus an additional touch area here that you can press during setup.

Asus Rog 6d Ultimate back Gear 1
All Image Credit ASUS

Battery and Charger

It also has a bigger battery that is 6,000 mAh with Fast charging 65W and Reverse charging 10W (Power Delivery 3.0), so you can enjoy longer gaming sessions without having to worry about recharging but we also have the charger, which is pretty big, has a USB-C connector, and promises a decent charge. I’ve seen better and faster, but Asus also wants to limit the use of the battery and its wear over time, and finally the USB C cable.

Price of Asus ROG 6D Ultimate

The expected price will be About 1370 EUR.

Testing of ASUS ROG 6D Ultimate

We are still testing this phone and will let you know how it performs against the snapdragon in terms of battery capacity, we get the same cell at 6000 milliamp hour Cell but it would be interesting to know which of the two options is more energy efficient.

Final Verdict

In my opinion. It is the best phone ever for gamers. The gamers need a long time battery and a powerful processor without heating up and this phone is completely packaged with all gears. As far as my concern It never disappoints you.

In summary, the ROG Phone 6D Ultimate demonstrates Asus’ continual commitment to pushing the limits of mobile innovation solely for the benefit of gamers. It sets a new pinnacle for what a smartphone capable of is in premium aspects. Serious gamers will want to take a serious look at this no-compromise handheld powerhouse.

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