What Impact Artificial Intelligence Will Have on the Future 

By: TecHuzy

AI technologies can play a significant role in empowering us with intelligent decision-making as part of a digital transformation.

One of humanity's most pressing challenges is the growing use of artificial superintelligences (ASIs) as virtual consultants.

The use of new-age technologies like AI, automation, and robotics is on the rise in the architecture and construction industry

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We have finally arrived at a point where we can create artificial intelligence systems that can have a real impact on science and make sound decisions.

Virtual assistants are overtaking search engines and becoming more widespread. They are accessible in the form of holograms, virtual characters, virtual worlds, and voices, and their realism is improving.

Algorithms for deep learning in cloud nano-bots connect people's brains to the internet, allowing them to access (AI-generated) text, images, and video. 


Because of advances in DNA sequencing technology, we have been able to map the genomes of numerous organisms. As a result, we now have a much better understanding of the genetic code.

AI is now capable of earlier thought-impossible tasks, such as understanding and responding to human emotions. 

Driverless cars are becoming more popular, with level 5 vehicles now used for everyday tasks such as taxi services in major cities. 

Ai-enabled gene therapies are allowing for the cure of certain cancers, HIV, heart disease, and sickle cell anemia.