Nintendo Switch 2: What We Know So Far

Nintendo Switch 2

Nintendo Switch 2: Key Facts and Rumored Features

The Nintendo Switch has proven to be a massive success for Nintendo, selling over 118 million units worldwide. However, as we move further from its 2017 release, fans are eagerly anticipating what upgrades and improvements the inevitable Nintendo Switch 2 will bring. While Nintendo has shared few official details, various rumours and leaks give clues about the next-gen Switch’s potential specs, features and changes.

Key StatisticFigure
Total Nintendo Switch sales118 million (as of Dec 2022)
Top-selling Switch gamesMario Kart 8, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Original Switch release dateMarch 3, 2017
Estimated Switch 2 release2024 or later
Desired new features4K graphics, better CPU, increased storage

Why a New Nintendo Switch is Likely on the Horizon

Possible Upgrades

Though still wildly popular, the original Switch hardware is now over 5 years old, making a successor increasingly likely:

  • Mid-cycle refresh: The Switch is nearing the midpoint of a traditional 6-8-year console lifecycle. Past Nintendo systems like the Wii received mid-gen upgrades around this time.
  • 4K graphics: The original Switch maxes out at 1080p visuals. A new Tegra chip would allow 4K gaming to match the latest Playstation and Xbox consoles.
  • New Nvidia technology: Nvidia’s newest Tegra chipsets feature advanced technologies perfect for Switch, like DLSS 3.0 and ray tracing.
  • Increased performance: Games are pushing the limits of the original Switch’s processing capabilities. A new custom Nvidia chip would boost CPU and memory performance.
  • OLED not enough: The OLED Switch was just a display upgrade. A true Switch Pro/2 would also upgrade performance hardware.
  • Evolving experiences: Nintendo wants to enable more sophisticated, visually impressive games as technology progresses. New silicon will help achieve this.

Given these factors, a full-fledged next-gen Switch 2 feels imminent. But Nintendo may wait a bit longer to maximize the original Switch’s profitable lifespan.

Reported Launch Timing for the Nintendo Switch 2

New Detailed Features

Though nothing is confirmed yet, rumours point to a potential launch timeframe:

  • 2023: Some analysts originally predicted a late 2023 release. However, 2023 announcements seem unlikely now.
  • 2024: More credible rumours suggest 2024 is the earliest we could see a Switch 2, 6-7 years after the original Switch launch.
  • Holiday 2024: Nintendo tends to strategically launch hardware in time for the critical holiday shopping season. A 2024 holiday release lets the OLED model enjoy one more holiday season.
  • March 2025: Since the original launched in March 2017, Nintendo may aim for the 8th anniversary.
  • Beyond 2025: Given the original Switch’s unusual longevity, Nintendo may wait even longer before introducing a successor.

While not guaranteed, 2024 seems the soonest Nintendo would launch a new Switch based on past console generational cycles. But the OLED Switch’s success may motivate Nintendo to milk it further.

Rumored Hardware Upgrades for the Nintendo Switch 2

Better Controllers

Though specs aren’t confirmed, credible rumours indicate potential hardware improvements:

  • New Nvidia Tegra processor – Likely based on Nvidia’s cutting-edge Ada or Hopper architecture for significantly boosted CPU and GPU performance.
  • 4K video output – A new Tegra chip is expected to enable 4K gaming, vs. the original Switch’s max 1080p resolution when docked.
  • DLSS support – Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling for 4K upscaling and smoother framerates using AI rendering.
  • Ray tracing – Next-gen lighting and reflection tech enabled by Nvidia RTX architectures. More realistic visuals.
  • Increased RAM – Up to 8GB RAM from the original Switch’s 4GB for larger game worlds and assets.
  • Larger internal storage – Rumors point to 64GB or 128GB, up from 32GB. Likely still with microSD expansion.
  • Bluetooth audio – Allow direct connection of wireless headphones, removing the need for the audio jack adapter.
  • Better kickstand – An improved built-in kickstand design for sturdier tabletop use.
  • Enhanced battery life – Potentially increasing from the Switch’s 4.5-9 hours per charge to offer longer portable playtime.

While not expected to be as powerful as PS5 or Xbox Series X, these upgrades would still represent a major technical jump over the original Switch.

Nintendo Switch 2: New Joy-Con Rumors

Nintendo’s innovative detachable Joy-Con controllers are a signature Switch feature. While the Switch 2 will still use Joy-Cons, we may see revisions:

  • New drift-resistant analog sticks – Attempts to rectify the original Joy-Cons’ drift issues. Perhaps a recessed design.
  • Refined ergonomics – More comfortable grips and button layouts optimized for smaller and larger hands.
  • Touch controls – Potential touchscreen or touchpad integration as seen on PS5 DualSense controllers.
  • Improved haptic feedback – More advanced rumble and tactile feedback for immersive effects.
  • Increased battery life – Solve notoriously short battery life of original Joy-Cons.
  • New features – Unknown innovations, such as grip press detection or back paddle buttons.

While Nintendo could continue using the same Joy-Con controllers, addressing flaws and adding new functionality may urge Switch owners to purchase the Switch 2 Joy-Cons.

Software & UI Improvements Expected

Beyond hardware, we’re likely to see refinements to the Switch’s user experience:

  • Better UI design – Cleaner, more intuitive home screen and system menus.
  • Added media apps – Native apps for Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and other streaming services are still missing from Switch.
  • Bluetooth audio support – Direct audio output to wireless headphones, removing the need for adapters.
  • Cloud save backups – Seamless game save backups and syncing with Nintendo cloud services.
  • Streaming capabilities – Play select Switch games remotely via internet streaming to mobile and TV apps.
  • Expanded themes – More extensive customization, like personalized backgrounds, colours, and icons.
  • Achievement system – Implement an Xbox/PlayStation-style achievement tracking system.

Refreshed interface design and media features would enhance quality of life. We may even see some bolder changes, like limited game streaming support.

What Game Genres Could a Powerful Switch 2 Enable?

If the next Switch iteration matches rumors, the more powerful hardware could support expanded gaming possibilities:

  • Photorealistic open worlds – Hardware advances might finally enable massive Elder Scrolls or GTA-scale worlds.
  • New ports – Graphically demanding last-gen games previously impossible on Switch could receive ports like The Witcher 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • Next-gen multiplatform games – The Switch 2 could share releases of upcoming blockbuster franchises like Elder Scrolls VI day-and-date with PS5 and Xbox Series X.
  • Raytraced VR ports – Simple VR experiences may come to the futuristic Switch via games like Beat Saber.
  • AI-enhanced games – DLSS and advanced AI processing could enable new gameplay mechanics.
  • Creative indie experiments – More powerful Unreal and Unity engines allow indie developers to realize bold creative visions.

The processing jump would allow more visually impressive, content-rich next-gen games while retaining Nintendo polish and playability.

Backward Compatibility Questions

Nintendo has consistently made backward compatibility a priority, and Switch 2 will likely follow suit in some capacity:

  • Fully compatible – The ideal scenario is the Switch 2 plays original Switch game cards and eShop purchases. Xbox Series X demonstrated full retroactive support.
  • Limited compatibility – If the new Switch uses a radically different architecture, Nintendo may only enable support for a subset of popular Switch games, as early PS3 models handled PS2 discs.
  • Streaming as a workaround – For incompatible physical media, Nintendo could potentially offer game streaming workarounds, streaming past purchases over WiFi similar to Nintendo Switch Online.
  • Complete incompatibility – Worst case, Switch 2 lacks any support for original Switch game discs or downloads due to technical limitations. Nintendo would face heavy criticism if it chose this route.

Maintaining at least some degree of backward compatibility is in Nintendo’s best interest to preserve its huge Switch game library and not alienate fans. Sony’s mistakes in this area with the PS3 reveal how much consumers value legacy software support.

The Nintendo Switch 2, in whatever form it ultimately takes, will be one of the most anticipated console releases in years. If Nintendo can improve performance and display quality while retaining portability and innovative

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