New Apple Watch Ultra 2023 | Key Facts and Expected Features

New Apple Watch Ultra 2023


The Apple Watch Ultra established itself in 2022 as Apple’s premium, adventure-focused smartwatch. As Apple prepares the next iteration for likely release in fall 2023, swirling around potential upgrades coming to the Ultra 2. Will we see significant hardware changes or minor tweaks? Let’s analyze the reports.

Key StatisticFigure
Global smartwatch unit sales 2022417 million units
Apple Watch market share50.5%
Average Apple Watch battery life18 hours
Apple Watch Ultra priceStarting at $799
Most desired improvementsLonger battery, brighter screen, ruggedness

Why an Upgraded Apple Watch Ultra in 2023 Seems Likely

New Apple Watch Ultra Features
All Image Credit Apple Inc.

Though no refresh has been officially confirmed yet, several signs point to Apple releasing an enhanced second-generation Watch Ultra in 2023:

  • Two-year cycles – Apple typically updates the Apple Watch lineup every two years, so 2023 aligns with projected timing.
  • New ultra running features – Apple is developed advanced running metrics and recovery tools specifically for the Ultra model.
  • Component upgrades – Chipmakers produce next-gen components perfect for improving the Ultra’s performance.
  • Outdoor competition – Rugged smartwatches from Garmin and Casio continue raising the bar, pushing Apple to enhance ultra-fitness capabilities.
  • Price reductions – Apple often cuts prices by $100 or more on second-gen models as manufacturing costs decrease. A $699 or $749 Ultra could have broader appeal.

While a 2023 Ultra refresh isn’t guaranteed, the timing and momentum align with historical Apple Watch update patterns.

Expected Display Upgrades for Apple Watch Ultra 2

Apple Ultra focuses on Women's Health and Wellness
All Image Credit Apple Inc.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 will likely receive display improvements:

  • Brighter screen – Boosted luminance reaching 2000 nits makes the display more visible in glaring sunlight.
  • Bigger display – A possible slight increase from 49mm to 51mm for added text and data legibility.
  • Longer sapphire cover – Sapphire crystal extended to cover the sides provides edge-to-edge protection.
  • Titanium casing – Apple may use lightweight titanium for the entire case rather than just the chassis for enhanced durability.
  • ** Increased crack/scratch resistance** – Next-gen sapphire technology or hybrid laminated glass better withstands impact and abuse.

A readable display in the harshest environments is critical for extreme sports and adventure use cases. Expect Apple to invest in display enhancements tailored for outdoor visibility and ruggedness.

Potential Apple Watch Ultra Battery Life Improvements

Lengthy battery life is a crucial Apple Watch Ultra priority for extended trips and excursions. power optimizations include:

  • Larger battery – Physically increasing the battery capacity from 542 mAh to approximately 600-650 mAh.
  • Higher efficiency LED panel – Next-generation OLED technology requires up to 15% less energy.
  • Optimized watchOS software – Updates provide better power management, especially for LTE connections.
  • New low-power modes – Additional settings to temporarily disable select features to stretch battery life.
  • Enhanced wireless charging – Faster charging speeds to compensate for the larger battery capacity.
  • Solar charging – Low-power solar panels integrated into the display for supplementary off-grid charging.

While the Apple Watch will never match a multi-day Garmin, more balanced optimizations could extend regular single-day battery life to 1.5 days or 36+ hours on a charge.

Apple Watch Ultra 2: Expected Health & Fitness Additions

Apple consistently enhances Apple Watch’s health and fitness capabilities over time. Potential Ultra 2 health monitoring upgrades include:

  • Blood glucose tracking – Non-invasive sensors to continuously measure blood sugar levels. Critical for athletes and diabetics.
  • Altitude adjustment – Improved elevation tracking to automatically adjust VO2 max and performance metrics at varying altitudes.
  • Enhanced sleep tracking – More advanced sleep cycle analysis and detection of sleep disorders.
  • EMG sensors – Additional electrodes to detect subtle electrical impulses from muscles and nerves, enabling new insights.
  • Body temperature sensing – Nighttime wrist temperature variations provide early indicators of illness or changes in health.
  • Atrial fibrillation history – Expand the ECG app with maps of historical Afib events and related symptom reporting.

While Apple is unlikely to debut radically new health sensors all at once in 2023, steady improvements and a few key additions each generation help the Apple Watch solidify its position as the premier multipurpose smartwatch.

What New Rugged Design Elements Could We See?

Apple Watch Ultra Orange Alpine
All Image Credit Apple Inc.

Given the Ultra’s focus on extreme environments, Apple may further ruggedize its design:

  • Stronger materials – More extensive use of titanium instead of aluminum for enhanced dent, scratch, and corrosion resistance.
  • Reinforced housing – Steel or titanium scaffolding to bolster structural rigidity and waterproofing.
  • Protruding bezel – A raised front bezel minimizes screen impact against surfaces.
  • Grip coating – Textured side surfaces provide extra grippiness when wet or sweaty.
  • Increased water resistance – Bump rating from 100m to 140m or 200m depth for recreational diving support.
  • Shatterproof screen – New sapphire glass composition designed to handle major impacts.
  • Larger or side buttons – Redesigned buttons work reliably with gloves on and resist debris ingress.

These subtle design tweaks would help the Ultra withstand constant abuse during outdoor expeditions and adventure racing without sacrificing aesthetics.

Apple Watch Ultra
All Image Credit Apple Inc.

Software, UI, and Connectivity Improvements

Besides hardware upgrades, we may see the following Apple Watch Ultra software enhancements:

  • Revamped fitness metrics app – Redesigned interface improves readability of performance indicators like VO2 max during workouts.
  • Enhanced mapping integration – Built-in global routable topographic maps help navigate outdoor activities.
  • Dedicated trail run mode – Optimized performance tracking and pacing for trail running.
  • Waypoint navigation – Mark waypoints for navigation on a route and get alerts when approaching each landmark.
  • Two-way emergency messaging – Expand emergency SOS features to allow two-way text communication with emergency contacts.
  • Fast data sync – Faster and more reliable activity and health data syncing to iPhone when in poor signal areas.
Software, UI, and Connectivity Improvements

Refining software specifically for athletic and outdoor pursuits will cement the Ultra’s status as the premier Apple Watch for endurance athletes and adventurers.

If early prove accurate, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 could deliver meaningful improvements in durability, battery life, display visibility, fitness tracking, and GPS navigation tools that serious explorers and competitors demand. While staying true to Apple’s philosophy of premium yet accessible technology, the Ultra 2 looks to provide incremental enhancements, optimizing it for action-heavy lifestyles. For outdoor fitness warriors, it may be the only wearable they need.


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