Flying car approved for launch and series production in Slovakia

Flying car approved for launch and series production in Slovakia (1)

Growing Demand for Transportation

The growing demand for personal transportation has spawned many innovations in the industry. From self-driving cars to flying cars, the future of transportation is taking shape. Have you ever wanted to take a ride in a flying car? Most people haven’t, but technology is advancing so quickly that we are closer than ever to experience the future of transportation.

The dream of a personal aircraft has been a long time in the making. Back in the 1930s and 1940s, some visionary designers predicted that planes would one day be small enough and light enough to fly people around cities. And while those ideas never panned out, they continue to inspire today’s designers who are reimagining how we’ll get around in the future. Some of them are building flying cars, which can drive on roads and fly thanks to helicopters and other technology.

Flying cars 2022

Flying cars 2022
All Image Credit Klein-Vision

The idea of flying cars has captured the imagination of filmmakers and science fiction enthusiasts for decades, but the technology has yet to catch up to the fantasy. Until recently, the only way to travel through the air was by helicopter or airplane. But today, a new breed of flying cars is rapidly approaching. Instead of traveling by plane, you’ll be able to glide through the air in a lightweight, self-piloting vehicle.

Now that the Slovak-made AirCar is officially legal to fly, flying cars are finally ready to leave the realm of science fiction and enter the commercial market.

In late January, AirCar, an automatic dual-mode aircraft, received an official airworthiness certificate from the Slovak Transport Authority after completing a rigorous 70-hour flight test.

The tests met European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) standards. The AirCar prototype completed more than 200 fully automatic takeoffs and landings without the pilot having to touch the flight controls.

The hybrid auto-plane reportedly impressed civil aviation authorities with its stability during flight maneuvers, including complex 45-degree turns.

Klein Vision Flying Car

Klein Vision Flying Car
All Image Credit Klein-Vision

The AirCar was designed by the Slovak company Klein Vision and recalls scenes from successful science-fiction films such as Blade Runner or the Back to the Future trilogy.

After landing, at the push of a button, the plane transforms into a sports car in two minutes and 15 seconds, folding the wings to the sides.

AirCar’s newly created pilot license means your pilot can now apply for take-off or landing clearance from air traffic control like any other aircraft. In addition to the driver’s license, the driver only needs to get a sports driver’s license to drive a flying car.

“50 years ago, the car was the epitome of freedom. AirCar goes beyond these limits and takes us to a new dimension where the road meets the sky,” adds Anton Zayats, co-founder and lead consultant on the project.

Too much at stake

Too much at stake
All Image Credit Klein-Vision

According to the BBC, Klein Vision is planning a test flight between Paris and London soon. AirCar is expected to launch for commercial distribution within the next 12 months.

Many believe that flying cars, in the long run, will help offload existing infrastructure and take local transport to a whole new level. In 2019, American financial firm Morgan Stanley estimated that the development sector could be worth $1.5 trillion by 2040.

With so much potential, several companies around the world are vying for market share. The biggest challenge for these companies is getting their vehicles certified for air and road transport, and AirCar has just overcome that barrier.

According to Branko Sarh, Senior Technical Director at Boeing, AirCar is now the world leader in racing.

“Professor Stefan Klein is a world leader in the development of comfortable flying cars. Its latest version is the highest score in this category,” Sarh said after the latest AirCar test flight.

“The automated transition of a road car into an aircraft and vice versa is the result of courage, innovation, and pioneering spirit. It is also the result of excellent engineering and knowledge,” added Sarh.

Speed up to 300 km/h

Speed up to 300 km/h
All Image Credit Klein-Vision

The AirCar is powered by a BMW engine and is equipped with a ballistic parachute. It runs on conventional pump fuel and burns 18 liters per hour in the air.

The car can carry two people weighing up to 200 kilograms, but the manufacturer has also developed a four-seater version, in addition to the twin-engine and amphibious versions. However, it is not designed for VTOLs and requires a runway to fly.

AirCar Prototype 1 flew at an altitude of 2500 meters and developed a maximum cruising speed of 190 km/h. The pre-production model of the AirCar Prototype 2 will be equipped with a more powerful engine, which will provide a cruising speed of up to 300 km/h and a range of 1,000 km.

AirCar was built after more than 100,000 hours of work by a team of eight experts who turned their design drawings into 3D models which were then tested in a wind tunnel. A two-seater prototype followed, powered by a 15 kW motor. A Klein Vision spokesperson said this first full-size version of the AirCar was remote-powered.

Klein Vision Flying Car Price

Klein Vision Flying Car Price
All Image Credit Klein-Vision

The AirCar will be available to consumers around the world next year, but a Klein Vision spokesperson said only licensed pilots could fly. The asking price for the innovation ranges from $550,000 to $1.1 million and depends on the features of the model. “For example, if you want a model with the latest GPS or the latest technology, it will cost more,” explains the spokesperson.

Announcement By Slovak Transport Authority

This was also announced by the Slovak Transport authority. René Molnár, Civil Aviation Division Director, said: “AirCar combines cutting-edge innovations with EASA-compliant safety measures. It defines a new class of reliable sports cars and aircraft. Your certification was a challenging and fascinating task.

Certificate of AirCar

Certificate of AirCar
All Image Credit Klein-Vision

In a statement accompanying the news, the company said that the AirCar organization had issued its airworthiness certificate after more than 200 take-offs and landings and 70 hours of test flights in accordance with European Aviation Agency standards. . “Extensive flight testing covered the full range of maneuvers and flight performance and demonstrated incredible static and dynamic stability in airplane mode,” the statement read. “Without the pilot touching the flying controls, takeoff and landing operations were also completed.”

Klein Vision founder Stefan Klein led the development team and was also the test pilot for the final model, which transforms from a vehicle into a small plane. “AirCar Certification Opens Doors to Mass Production of High-Performance Flying Cars. It is the official and definitive recognition of our ability to transform medium-haul travel forever,” he said.

As a flying car model, the aircar took the first step toward producing flying cars. The model recently received a certificate of airworthiness from the Slovak Transport Authority (STA). The dual-mode flying car model is designed by Klein Vision.

According to reports, after obtaining the Aircar certificate, STA can also apply for aircraft-type certificates. After possessing these certifications, the company can produce the vehicle commercially.

Flight Speed

Flight Speed
All Image Credit Klein-Vision

The Aerocar is equipped with a 1.6 liter BMW engine, which gives it a maximum flight speed of 170 km/h. It needs a 300m long runway before taking off. Once in the air, it can fly up to 1,000 kilometers.

In June 2021, the new aircraft made its first successful intercity flight. It was expected to complete at least 70 hours of flight testing before obtaining certification and perform more than two hundred takeoffs and landings.

The car looks like an ordinary car and can be transformed into an airplane in about three minutes; The entire transformation process is fully automated and all you need is to Just Press the button to start the process.

Fiction is now Reality

All Image Credit Klein-Vision

The future is here. At first, you might have thought it was a hoax or a science fiction novel. But today, you can already experience the sensation of flying without having to take a plane. The flying cars of the future have arrived.

A flying car might seem like something out of every kid’s sci-fi and fantasy movie, but next year it will be a reality. AirCar is a car that transforms into an airplane and takes off. According to AirCar developer Klein Vision, a flying car inventor based in Nitra, Slovakia, the Slovak Transport Authority has given the futuristic spacecraft the green light in Slovakia. It is one of the first ships of its type to receive official certification.


Is Klein Vision flying car real?

Yes, the Klein Vision flying car is real. It is called the AirCar and has received an official airworthiness certificate from the Slovak Transport Authority. The AirCar was designed by the Slovak company Klein Vision.

How much does a Klein Vision flying car cost?

Klein Vision has already begun accepting orders from “selected” customers and plans to start deliveries in late 2023. The AirCar’s price is expected to range from $500,000 to $1 million, according to Zajac.

How much is flying car in Dubai?

During the company’s 1024 Tech Day event last year, it was revealed that the sixth-generation flying car is scheduled to launch in 2024 and could be priced at under $156,600.

Which country approved flying car?

Klein Vision’s dual-mode flying car model, the Aircar, has been granted a certificate of airworthiness by Slovakia’s Transport Authority (STA). The vehicle is equipped with a 1.6-liter BMW engine, enabling it to achieve a maximum flying speed of 170 kilometers per hour. However, it requires a 300-meter runway for takeoff. This innovative vehicle has been developed by Klein Vision

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