Internet Explorer End of life

Internet Explorer Grave

About Internet Explorer

Microsoft introduced the Internet Explorer browser 27 years ago in 1995, the only browser at the time and the best browser and familiar with the Internet for many years.

Internet Explorer was used on more than 95% of the world’s computers in 2004, Internet Explorer’s popularity has declined since then, and today Internet Explorer’s share of the global browser market is only 4%.

Internet Explorer End of life

According to the technology company, the Firefox browser was developed in 2002, but released to the general public in 2004. After Firefox, Google surpassed all that by introducing the Google Chrome browser in 2008. Google Chrome, on the other hand, is currently the most popular browser in the world, with a 64% share of the global browser market.

Internet Explorer is no more with us!!

In addition to providing a faster, safer, and more advanced browsing experience with Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge can solve a common problem: compatibility with older, outdated websites and apps. Edge uses Internet Explorer mode (“IE mode”) and provides access to outdated Internet Explorer websites and apps targeting Microsoft Edge,” said Sean, CEO of Microsoft Edge Enterprise from the company’s blog. wrote Sean Lyndersay.

Today, June 15, 2022, is the last day of Internet Explorer, the most popular browser of the past. The oldest and most popular browser in the world, Internet Explorer, better known as the Internet, is officially shutting down and Internet Explorer is ending its lifespan.

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