How To Get Started With Mid-Journey AI?

How To Get Started With Mid-Journey AI (1)

Starting Your Journey With Midjourney AI

Midjourney AI is a text-to-image generator that uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence techniques to turn text prompts into vivid, imaginative artwork. It’s an incredible tool for creating surreal, dreamlike visual art pieces.

If you want to harness the power of AI creativity for yourself, here’s how to get started with mid-journey:

Sign Up and Get Access

First, you must sign up for a Midjourney account at Midjourney is still in beta, so you’ll likely need to request an invite. Once you’ve requested access, you must wait until Midjourney approves your invite.

Once you have access, verify your email and log into your Midjourney account. You’ll start with a limited number of free generations per month, but you can always upgrade your plan later.

Generate Your First Images

To generate art from Midjourney, type a text prompt into the box on the homepage and click “Create.” For example, you could type:

“a futuristic sci-fi city at dawn, cinematic lighting, highly detailed”

Midjourney will generate 4 images based on that prompt and show you the results. The AI will interpret your prompt and try to visualize what you described in a stylized, artistic manner.

The beauty of Midjourney is that it often generates visuals that go well beyond your initial prompt with surreal, dreamlike touches. You can continue refining your prompt and generating new images until you find a result you truly love.

Use Modifiers To Customize Results

Use Modifiers To Customize Results

Modifiers are special keywords you add to the end of your prompt to alter the output in specific ways. Some useful modifiers include:

• –4k: Increases resolution to 4K
• –8k: Increases resolution to 8K
• –16×9: Sets aspect ratio to widescreen
•–ar: Followed by any aspect ratio (4:3, 1:1)
•–anim: Tries to animate the scene
•–testp: Makes the image black and white
•–sunrise: Adds a sunrise to the scene
•–fs: Makes the scene more fantastical
•–trends: Uses the latest trends in Midjourney’s model

By combining modifiers, you can get incredibly specific results. Experiment with different modifiers to find combinations that work for you.

Iterate On Your Favorite Images

Iterate On Your Favorite Images

Midjourney has an “iteration” feature that takes your favorite image and generates variations. This allows you to slowly refine and evolve your initial vision into something more interesting and unique.

To iterate, click the “Iterate” button below an image you like and generate up to 10 new variations. Then select the new variation you want to iterate on again. Repeating this process can produce stunning results.

Save, Download, and Share Your Creations

Once you have an image you love, you can:

• Save it to your Midjourney library
• Download the full-resolution JPG or PNG
• Convert the image to a 3D model
• Share it on social media or use it in creative projects

Midjourney gives you full commercial use rights over any images you create, so feel free to use them however you’d like!

Experiment and Have Fun!

The best way to master Midjourney AI is through experimentation. Start by generating broad, vague prompts and see how the AI interprets them. Then get more specific with your language, modifiers, and keywords.

Don’t be afraid to try wacky, surreal, or nonsensical prompts and see what Midjourney cooks up. The AI thrives on the unexpected, so let your creativity run wild and have some fun!

With practice, you’ll get a feel for how Midjourney’s neural networks think and how to harness its wild imagination for your artistic goals. The journey never ends – the possibilities are endless with AI creativity.

Are there any limitations or restrictions on the commercial use of the images created with Midjourney AI?

Yes, there are some limitations and restrictions on the commercial use of Midjourney AI images:

  1. Attribution is required. You must properly credit Midjourney in any commercial use of the images. They require something like “Created with Midjourney AI” to be visible.
  2. Usage guidelines must be followed. Midjourney has specific rules around what types of content are and aren’t allowed in the images. You can’t generate harmful, offensive, illegal, or unethical content.
  3. Images can’t be used to replicate a specific person. You can’t generate images representing an actual person without their consent.
  4. Images can’t be used to defame or disparage brands. You can’t generate images meant to damage a brand’s reputation deliberately.
  5. Private beta access is limited. During the beta period, users are limited in the number of images they can generate monthly for commercial use.
  6. Full license access requires a paid plan. Once Midjourney officially launches, free users will likely have limited commercial use rights. Commercial users will need a paid plan.
  7. Rights are granted on a non-exclusive basis. Midjourney reserves the right also to license the images to other parties. You don’t receive exclusive commercial rights.

What are the limitations on the number of images? 

During the Midjourney beta period, there are various limits on the number of images you can generate per month based on your account type:

Free Account:

  • A strictly limited number of free image generations per month. During early beta access, this was around 100-200/month.
  • If you exceed your free limit, you must upgrade to a paid plan or wait until the next month.

Midjourney AI (Paid Account):

  • 6,000 image generations per month
  • $30/month subscription

Midjourney Studio:

  • Unlimited image generations
  • Access to HD/4K resolutions
  • 3D model conversions
  • $60-80/month subscription

Midjourney Elite:

  • All the benefits of Studio, plus:
  • Priority support
  • Iteration previews
  • Live collaboration
  • $200+/month subscription

The exact limits for free accounts are not public and may change over time as Midjourney scales. The key things to keep in mind during beta are:

  1. Free accounts have a limited number of image generations per month – likely around 100-200 for early-access users.
  2. If you exceed your free limit, upgrade to a paid plan or wait until the next month to generate more images.
  3. Paid plans (AI, Studio, and Elite) do not restrict the number of images you can generate – up to the listed maximums for each plan.

The limits for free users are particularly strict during beta to manage server load and demand while the platform scales. They will likely loosen up over time as Midjourney develops.


So, in summary, while Midjourney does grant commercial use rights to the images you create, there are some guidelines, limitations, and attribution requirements. Ensure you fully understand and abide by Midjourney’s usage terms to use the images for commercial purposes legally.

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