New GravaStar Sirius Pro EarBuds P9

New GravaStar Sirius Pro EarBuds P9


The new GravaStar Sirius Pro P9 true wireless earbuds have been creating quite a buzz since their launch in November 2022. As an upgrade over the popular Sirius P7 model, the P9 packs several enhancements like active noise cancellation, longer battery life and support for high-resolution audio codecs.

In this detailed review, we will take an in-depth look at the key features and performance of the Sirius Pro P9 to see if it lives up to the hype and is worth the price tag.

GravaStar Sirius Pro

Image Credit Gravastar

GravaStar Sirius Pro P9 – Overview

Before diving into the details, let’s first have a look at the key specs and features of the Sirius Pro P9 at a glance:

Driver Size10mm dynamic driver
Noise CancellationHybrid ANC with feedforward and feedback mics
Battery LifeUp to 7 hours with ANC off, up to 5 hours with ANC on (28 hours with charging case)
Water ResistanceIPX5 rating
Audio CodecsSBC, AAC, aptX Adaptive
Extra FeaturesQi wireless charging, transparency mode, fast charging, companion app
ColorsBlack, White

So in a nutshell, the P9 promises better audio quality, noise cancellation, codec support and battery life compared to both its predecessor and competitors in this price segment, like the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro. But does it deliver on all these promises? Let’s dig deeper and find out.

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Design and Comfort

The GravaStar Sirius Pro P9 retains the same sleek, minimalist design language as the P7. The earbuds feature an in-canal fit with oblong stems that protrude out of your ears. The compact design and ergonomic shape allow the P9 buds to sit flush in your ears without sticking out too much.

At just 5 grams per bud, the P9 is extremely lightweight, and you can wear them for hours without fatigue. The ear tips are made of soft silicone and come in 3 sizes (small, medium and large) to help get a secure seal. I found the medium tips to fit my ears perfectly well. The buds are also very stable and don’t dislodge easily when running or working out.

The build quality is solid, with a matte plastic exterior that resists fingerprint smudges. The charging case is compact with a pocketable oval shape that’s easy to carry. It has a smooth, glossy finish with an LED battery indicator on the front. The case also supports Qi wireless charging, which is very convenient.

Overall, in terms of design and comfort, the Sirius Pro P9 checks all the right boxes. The ergonomic shape, lightweight build, and secure fit make them ideal for long-term wearing comfort.

Controls and Connectivity

GravaStar Sirius Pro EarBuds P9
Image Credit Gravastar

The GravaStar Sirius Pro P9 has an intuitive control scheme with capacitive touch sensors on each earbud.

You can tap the left bud to toggle between ANC and transparency modes or play/pause audio. Double-tapping the left bud skips to the previous track while triple-tapping rewinds.

On the right bud, single, double and triple taps help you increase/decrease volume and skip to the next track, respectively. The touch controls are highly responsive and easy to master, even when you are on the move.

For connectivity, the P9 buds leverage Bluetooth 5.2. I found the wireless connection to be solid, offering a stable link up to 15 feet from the source device. The buds can quickly pair with both Android and iOS devices. You also get quick pairing and automatic device switching when you open the lid.

GravaStar has done a great job with the controls and wireless connectivity on the Sirius Pro P9. Both these aspects work flawlessly during real-world usage.

Sound Quality

GravaStar Sirius Pro EarBuds P9
GravaStar Sirius Pro EarBuds P9

Let’s now talk about arguably the most important aspect – sound quality. The Sirius Pro P9 utilizes 10mm dynamic drivers promising better sound than typical 6-7mm drivers. The drivers are paired with tuning software powered by a Quad DAC system for detailed audio reproduction.

In my experience, the sound signature of the P9 is balanced with a slight boost to the lows and highs. The bass has good punch and depth without sounding boonic or muddy. The mids are clear, and the vocals sound full-bodied. The highs/treble have a good extension with plenty of detail and sparkle.

The soundstage is also reasonably open and spacious for true wireless earbuds. Imaging is good as well, allowing you to pinpoint the positioning of various instruments. Overall, the sound quality lives up to expectations and outperforms numerous competitors.

No matter what genres I listened to – EDM, pop, rock, jazz – the P9 provided an engaging, lively listening experience. The aptX codec support also results in great fidelity when using compatible devices. If you are an audiophile, you will appreciate what the Sirius Pro P9 brings to the table.

Active Noise Cancellation

GravaStar Sirius Pro EarBuds P9
GravaStar Sirius Pro EarBuds P9

One of the biggest highlights of the GravaStar Sirius Pro P9 is the hybrid active noise cancellation. It uses a combination of feedforward and feedback microphone arrays to counter external ambient noise across a wide frequency range.

I found the ANC to work very well in practice. It could effectively cut out noise from fans, ACs, traffic, aeroplane engines etc. The over-ear seal also plays a role in passive noise isolation. You can lower the volume when ANC is enabled and still enjoy your music without cranking up the volume to extremes.

The transparency mode complements the ANC feature. With just one tap, you can let in external sounds so you remain aware of your surroundings when commuting or crossing a road. The mics do a decent job retaining voice clarity for calls as well in noisy environments.

For TWS earbuds at this price, the GravaStar P9 has one of the most capable ANC implementations in the market currently. It gives you silence on demand wherever you go.

Battery Life

GravaStar Sirius Pro EarBuds P9
GravaStar Sirius Pro EarBuds P9

The Sirius Pro P9 delivers segment-leading battery life figures as per the official specs. You can get around 7 hours per charge with ANC off, which stretches to 28 hours with the charging case. This is impressive, considering the compact design.

Even with resource-intensive ANC enabled, I managed to get over 5 hours of uptime at moderate volumes. The fast charging feature is handy as well, giving you 60 minutes of playback with just 10 minutes of charging. Wireless charging is also convenient to top up when at home or work.

For frequent travellers and commuters, the long endurance of the GravaStar Sirius Pro P9 means you can listen all day without worrying about the battery. The portable case provides multiple charges on the move before you need to plug in.

GravaStar App and Special Features

The companion GravaStar app (available for iOS and Android) unlocks additional features and customization options. It lets you tweak the EQ with preset and custom profiles. You can also toggle ANC and transparency and find my buds modes through the app.

Software updates can also be delivered through the app to keep improving over time. For instance, GravaStar plans to roll out a low-latency gaming mode via an OTA update soon.

Some other useful features include wearing detection sensors that auto-pause audio when you remove the buds. You also get mono listening mode to use either the left or right bud independently while the other one charges. Bluetooth multipoint is unfortunately missing, which is one negative.

Pros and Cons

Let’s summarize the key positives and negatives of the GravaStar Sirius Pro P9:

thumbs up regular


  • Excellent sound quality with lively dynamics
  • Effective hybrid ANC
  • Long battery life
  • Secure comfortable fit
  • Qi wireless charging case
  • Responsive touch controls
  • Support for premium codecs
thumbs down regular


  • No Bluetooth multipoint
  • No auto pause sensors
  • Price is on the higher side


The new GravaStar Sirius Pro P9 delivers on all fronts and proves itself to be a formidable option in the premium true wireless segment. You get great design, audio, ANC, battery life and wireless connectivity.

There are very few pain points apart from the lack of multipoint Bluetooth and the slightly high price. But overall, the Sirius Pro P9 justifies its price tag with a polished TWS experience few competitors can match currently.

So, if you are looking for feature-packed wireless earbuds that sound as good as they look, the GravaStar Sirius Pro P9 gets a strong recommendation. It brings flagship features and performance without costing a fortune.

What is the price of the P9 earbuds?

GravaStar Sirius Pro Price starts from $89.95 – $99.95.


Is P9 a good headphone?

Yes, the GravaStar Sirius Pro EarBuds P9 is a good headphone with a unique design, comfortable fit, and high sound quality. It is also equipped with dual noise-cancelling microphones, making it ideal for audio calls, and has a game mode, movie mode, and music mode. Additionally, it is rated IPX5 for water and sweat resistance and has a high repairability rating.

Do earphones expire?

Yes, earphones can expire. Like all electronic devices, earphones have a limited lifespan and can become less effective over time. The wires and other components may become worn or damaged, which can affect their sound quality and performance. Additionally, the ear cushions or tips can wear out or become dirty, which can impact their fit and comfort. It’s generally recommended to replace earphones every 1-2 years or sooner if you notice any issues with their performance or wear and tear.

What is unique about the GravaStar Sirius Pro EarBuds P9?

The GravaStar Sirius Pro EarBuds P9 stand out due to their unique design, exceptional sound quality, dual noise-cancelling microphones, and gaming enhancements. They offer a comfortable and secure fit, making them ideal for everyday use.

What is the frequency range of the GravaStar Sirius Pro EarBuds P9?

A: The GravaStar Sirius Pro EarBuds P9 features large drivers with a wide frequency range, delivering bright and detailed sound across different types of audio content.

Can I use the GravaStar Sirius Pro EarBuds P9 for voice calls?

Absolutely! The GravaStar Sirius Pro EarBuds P9 is equipped with dual noise-cancelling microphones, ensuring crystal-clear audio during voice calls. You can enjoy uninterrupted communication without being distracted by background noise.

Are the GravaStar Sirius Pro EarBuds P9 comfortable to wear?

Absolutely! The GravaStar Sirius Pro EarBuds P9 is designed with comfort in mind. Their ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and secure fit, even during active movement. You can enjoy your favourite content for extended periods without discomfort.

Can I use the GravaStar Sirius Pro EarBuds P9 with different devices?

Yes, the GravaStar Sirius Pro EarBuds P9 is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles. They can connect via Bluetooth or wired connections, depending on your device’s capabilities.

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