5 Best Parental Monitoring App For iPhone and iPad

Best Parental Monitoring App For iPhone and iPad

Parental monitoring is important for children for several reasons

Setting up parental controls on your child’s smartphone can help restrict screen time while also protecting them from internet risks. Apple’s built-in parental control feature is wonderful, but you may prefer other options. That’s where the finest iPhone and iPad parental control software comes in.

Safety: It helps ensure that children are not exposed to inappropriate or harmful online content or interactions.

Development: Monitoring can provide insight into a child’s social and emotional development and help parents identify any potential issues or challenges.

Boundaries: It sets clear boundaries and expectations for appropriate technology use, helping to prevent excessive screen time or problematic behaviors like cyberbullying.

Building trust: By monitoring children’s activities, parents can build trust and foster open communication with their children.

Preparing for the future: As children grow, they will face increasing independence and responsibility in their technology use. Parental monitoring can help prepare them for the digital world and the challenges it presents.

Screen Time App

Screen Time App
Image Credit ScreenTime

Screen Time is a feature built into Apple devices (iPad and iPhone) that allows users to monitor and manage the amount of time spent on the device, track which apps and websites are used, and set restrictions on content and in-app purchases. With Screen Time, parents can monitor and control their child’s device usage by setting time limits, choosing allowed apps and websites, and controlling in-app purchases.

Screen time apps are necessary because they help people monitor and manage their usage of digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. These apps provide insights into how much time is being spent on different activities and which apps are being used the most. This information can be useful for setting limits, reducing screen time, and improving digital well-being. Screen time apps can also provide features such as setting reminders, scheduling downtime, and blocking distracting apps, helping users stay focused and minimize distractions.

Screen Time App

Steps to Set Up Parental Controls:

Set up Family Sharing:
Go to Settings > Apple ID > Family Sharing
Add family members and turn on the “ask to buy” feature
Screen Time Controls:
Go to Settings > Screen Time
Four options: downtime, app limits, always allowed, content and privacy restrictions
Customize downtime by setting specific days and times
Set specific time limits for apps with app limits
Make sure emergency contacts and apps are always accessible with “always allowed”
Restrict content and protect privacy with content and privacy restrictions, including iTunes and App Store purchases, web content, Siri, and Game Center.
Website Data:
Monitor websites visited by your kids and limit non-suitable websites.

  • The Screen Time function on Apple iPhones and iPads is simple to set up and monitor.
  • App restrictions allow you to limit the amount of time you spend on specific apps.
  • It is possible to configure emergency contacts and features that can be accessed at any time.
  • The ability to limit content by rating music, podcasts, movies, TV series, books, and apps.
  • The ability to restrict non-suitable websites and explicit language.
  • Allow for research by enabling web search.
  • Control over in-app purchases via family sharing.
  • Only accessible on Apple products (iPhones and iPads).
  • Website data customization options are limited, as are game centre constraints.
  • To manage in-app purchases, you must first enable family sharing.

Screen Time App Price

Screen Time offers a combination of free and paid features, with the free features being available at no cost permanently. Upon sign-up, users are also given a 7-day trial of Screen Time Premium, which does not require payment information. The Basic version, which includes monitoring features, is free, while the Premium version, which includes features such as management, tracking, filtering, and GPS, costs $6.99 per month.

Kaspersky Safe Kids with GPS

Kaspersky Safe Kids with GPS Parental Control App
Image Credit Kaspersky

Kaspersky Safe Kids is an all-in-one parental control and internet filtering software that allows parents to keep their children safe online. The software is simple to use and has an intuitive interface, allowing parents to monitor and control their child’s online behavior.

Kaspersky Safe Kids Features

The initial step in utilizing Kaspersky Safe Kids is to access the parental console or parental portal via the Kaspersky website. Parents can see the summary section after logging in, which provides an overview of their child’s behavior, including device usage, frequently visited websites, search queries, blocked websites, and applications utilized. Parents can also monitor their child’s behavior on Facebook and VK, the two social platforms that allow this.

Another important feature of Kaspersky Safe Kids is location monitoring, which allows parents to follow their child’s physical whereabouts. Parents can define acceptable zones for their children, and if they leave those areas, they will be warned. This functionality is only available on mobile devices.

Kaspersky Safe Kids Restrictions

Kaspersky Safe Kids’ internet filtering area gives parents a number of options for controlling and restricting their child’s online activities. All events, prohibited, cautioned, or approved websites, and search queries can be used by parents to filter the internet. They may also configure internet filtering rules based on their child’s age and personalize the limitations for each of the 14 main categories, such as social media, betting, and non-suitable content. Furthermore, regardless of the category, parents can establish exclusions for certain websites and require them to be either allowed or disallowed.

Kaspersky Safe Kids Monitoring

Kaspersky Safe Kids also has a device use feature that regulates when and how much time children can spend on various gadgets. To control device usage, parents can establish limitations and time limits, monitor usage, and create timetables. They can also specify which apps are accessible even when the smartphone is locked.

Aside from technological capabilities, Kaspersky Safe Kids offers guidance from a child psychologist to assist parents to make informed decisions regarding internet blocking and device usage. The software is intended to be simple to use, but parents can always get extensive instructions for any configuration if they require additional assistance.

Finally, Kaspersky Safe Kids is a comprehensive and practical solution for parents concerned about their children’s online safety. It offers a variety of functions, such as internet filtering, location monitoring, device usage control, and parental counseling, to assist parents in protecting their children and providing them with a safe online experience.

  • Parental Control: The software offers extensive parental control settings, allowing parents to monitor their child’s online activity, such as internet browsing, social networking, and instant messaging apps.
  • Time Limitations: Parents can establish device usage time limits so that their children can only use their device for a particular amount of time each day, hence preventing screen time addiction.
  • Content Filtering: Kaspersky Safe Kids allows parents to prevent their children from being exposed to dangerous or mature content by blocking improper content and websites.
  • Location Tracking: The software provides real-time location tracking, allowing parents to know where their child is at all times, ensuring their child’s safety.
  • Cost: The software might be expensive, making it out of reach for certain families.
  • False Positives: The content filters in the software might occasionally block non-harmful websites or content, resulting in false positives.
  • Support is limited: Kaspersky Safe Kids is not available on all systems, and support for some platforms is limited.
  • Privacy Concerns: Some users may be concerned about the software’s monitoring and tracking functions.
  • Some consumers have reported technical faults with the software, such as slow performance or malfunctions, which can be unpleasant and inconvenient.

Kaspersky Safe Kids’ price

Kaspersky Safe Kids is a cost-effective solution for parents Free with some protections. For an annual fee of $14.99, unlimited child profiles and devices can be monitored, regardless of platform.

Bark App

The bark is a parental control tool that assists families in keeping their children safe online. It may be used on various devices, including iOS and Android, and even works across device kinds. The program analyses children’s online behavior for symptoms of bullying, harassment, Non-Suitable content, and other potentially hazardous concerns, and notifies parents if anything suspicious is discovered.

Bark App
Image Credit Bark

Bark App Features

Bark can also restrict and filter internet access, letting parents control which websites their children may view and how much screen time they have. The program runs in the background and has no impact on children’s privacy. The bark is simple to set up, and parents can monitor an infinite number of children and gadgets with a single account. Families may have peace of mind knowing their children are secure online thanks to Bark.

While Bark offers monitoring and administration features, I mostly use it for monitoring in order to comprehend the material on my child’s device, such as texts and movies that they view. Bark only alerts you if something problematic is discovered and gives a clip of the discussion so you may discuss it with your child.

Bark App Restrictions

However, there is a restriction for Apple devices because the operating system is so tightly controlled that third-party apps can only access certain portions of the phone. To solve this issue, Bark does its analysis on a device backup, but not in real-time. The app is installed immediately on the phone for Android devices, and notifications are provided in real-time.

Bark App Dashboard

You’ll see a dashboard on the Bark app with data and information about the device and your child’s online activity, such as who they’re chatting with and which apps they’re using the most. You may set time restrictions, disable apps, and select which categories you wish to be notified about in the settings. You can also view all of the notifications and content that were deemed worrisome.

To summarise, Bark is an excellent tool for engaging your children in internet privacy and safety discussions. It serves as a safety net, informing you if your child does something alarming and assisting you in dealing with the problem. Remember that there is no such thing as online privacy, and Bark is simply a seat belt for your child’s online activity.

  • Monitors and protects children’s online activity across multiple devices, including ios, android, fire tablets, and Chromebooks.
  • Monitors over 30 popular apps for kids such as YouTube, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger.
  • Offers a web filter to block websites and limit internet access.
  • Allows for setting screen time limits and pausing internet access.
  • Has the option to request location check-ins and monitor the device’s GPS.
  • Can be set up for unlimited kids and unlimited devices.
  • Easy setup process.
  • May take up storage on the child’s device, depending on the amount of storage available.
  • Monitoring may not catch every single online activity.
  • Some users may feel that the app invades their children’s privacy.
  • May not be able to monitor every single app or website.
  • The app may not work for everyone, as every family’s online habits are different.

Bark App Price

The bark is a parental control app It is mostly used to watch my children. What distinguishes it from other parental control programs is its ability to provide a view into a variety of apps that most other solutions cannot. It’s also reasonably priced, at $14 per month or $100 per year for unlimited devices and users.

FamiSafe App

FamiSafe App
Image Credit FamiSafe App

FamiSafe is a Wondershare parental control program that lets parents track their children’s location, set screen time limits, block specific apps, and monitor their online activities. The app is free to download from the App Store or Google Play Store, and parents may set up the app on their children’s devices by creating a FamiSafe account. The software allows parents to configure geofencing, smart scheduling, and screen time limitations for their children, and it offers a three-day free trial with access to all premium features. In addition, the app delivers real-time location monitoring and activity data.

FamiSafe is regarded as an excellent parental control tool for various reasons:

  • It is simple to use and has a user-friendly design, making it simple for parents to monitor and manage their children’s gadgets.
  • FamiSafe has a wide range of capabilities, including screen time management, location tracking, site filtering, and app banning, making it a complete solution for parents.
  • FamiSafe allows parents to follow their children’s locations in real-time, which is beneficial for safety and peace of mind.
  • FamiSafe is affordably priced, giving a full set of capabilities at a lesser cost than other similar solutions.
  • FamiSafe is accessible for both Android and iOS, making it a versatile solution for families who have several devices.

Overall, FamiSafe is a good choice for parents who are looking for an effective and affordable solution to monitor and manage their children’s device usage.

  • Real-time location tracking: FamiSafe allows you to track your family members’ real-time whereabouts so you can keep an eye on their safety and whereabouts.
  • Screen Time Management: You may limit your children’s screen time and monitor their phone activity, including the apps they use and the websites they visit.
  • App blocker: You can use an app blocker to prevent your children from accessing apps and websites that you believe are inappropriate for their age.
  • Geofencing allows you to set virtual limits and receive notifications when your family members leave or enter certain locations.
  • Parental control: FamiSafe provides a variety of parental control options that allow you to regulate and protect your children’s online activity.
  • Subscription-based service: FamiSafe requires a monthly or yearly subscription to access its full range of features.
  • Limited compatibility: FamiSafe is only compatible with Android and iOS devices, so if you have other types of devices, you may not be able to use the app.
  • Technical issues: Some users have reported technical issues with the app, such as slow response times or inaccurate location tracking.
  • Privacy concerns: Some users may be concerned about privacy issues, as the app requires access to sensitive information such as your family members’ location and phone usage.

FamiSafe App Price

The pricing for Famisafe varies depending on the subscription plan you choose. Famisafe offers both monthly and yearly subscription plans. Monthly plans start from $9.99 per month and the yearly plan starts from $4.99 per month (billed annually). There is also a free version of Famisafe that provides limited functionality.

OurPact App

OurPact App
Image Credit OurPact App

OurPact is an app created exclusively for parents concerned about their child’s screen time and internet usage. The software is available for both iPhone and iPad and is an excellent alternative for parents who find their child in their room with their iPad and don’t know what they’re doing or are concerned about their child accessing the internet when they shouldn’t. OurPact lets parents monitor their child’s iPad by installing a certificate on the device, allowing the parent to operate the tablet from their phone.

OurPact App Features

After installing the certificate, the parent has three options for regulating the child’s device: scheduling, granting, and blocking. The scheduling feature allows the parent to specify when and for how long the youngster can use the device. For example, the parent can set the bedtime from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m., and this schedule will take effect every day of the week. For the schedule to take effect, the parent does not even need to be on the same Wi-Fi network as the child’s device.

If the youngster is not following the rules or should not be using the device, the parent can promptly restrict all access to the gadget and the internet. For example, if the child is on social media or a website when they should be in bed or completing chores, the parent can utilize the instant block option, which would remove all apps and internet access from the child’s device. The parent has the option of restricting access until they say so or after a particular period of time.

The granting option allows the parent to grant the child access to use the device after they have completed their planned time or have been blocked. Simply pressing the “grant” button returns all apps to the child’s smartphone, allowing them to use it freely once more.


Finally, OurPact is a free program that provides a straightforward answer for parents concerned about their child’s screen time and internet consumption. The software is simple to set up and operate, and it can be controlled from anywhere as long as both the iPad and phone are online. If you’re concerned about your child’s internet usage or want more control over how much time they spend on the device, OurPact may be the solution for you.

  • Helps parents in monitoring and controlling their children’s screen time: The app allows parents to plan their child’s iPad use, granting or banning internet and app access.
  • Installing the certificate on the child’s iPad is a simple process, and once installed, the app is simple to use.
  • Free: Because ourpact is a free app, it is an affordable solution for parents who want to monitor and regulate their child’s screen usage.
  • Parents do not need to be on the same Wi-Fi network as their child’s iPad to utilise the app. The app can be accessed from anywhere as long as both devices are connected to the internet.
  • Ourpact merely restricts access to the internet and apps on the child’s iPad. It lacks additional capabilities such as tracking the child’s whereabouts or monitoring their online activity.
  • Can be avoided: If the child is technologically skilled, they may be able to avoid the restrictions established by our agreement.
  • Conflict is possible: Strict limitations on a child’s iPad access might produce conflict between parents and children, especially if the child believes that their independence is being unfairly constrained.

OurPact price

OurPact provides management options for families with varying needs. The basic management option, OurPact Free, covers 1 child device and has limited features such as 5 manual blocks per month, 1 automated block schedule, app scrambling, and web browser blocking. OurPact PLUS, priced at $1.99/month, allows the management of 10 child devices with unlimited manual and automated blocks, app scrambling, and web browser blocking.

OurPact PREMIUM, priced at $6.99/month, includes management of 20 child devices, individual app rules, screen time allowance, iMessage/SMS blocking, real-time device location monitoring, and access to 7 days of location history data. OurPact PREMIUM+, priced at $9.99/month, includes all Premium features, real-time device location monitoring, 30 days of location history data, and more. All paid tiers offer a 14-day free trial.

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